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    Default looking for more KoS lore

    I really started getting into this game at about the time of the KoS expansion, and from there it is that my real deep interest in the lore starts, as it's what I first became familiar with. And since no one would ever wait for me to read all the dialog during the claymore quest, I missed out. So here are a few questions and statements...

    From what I understand, the claymore was stolen from Qeynos either by Freeport or by Vyemm in human form.. anyway, the claymore ended up in Lord Vyemm's hands.
    But then later, he lost it. Right?
    What happened there for him to lose the claymore?
    And did the claymore end up in Tarinax's possession?
    And any more happenings going on with the claymore there?

    What was the relationship between the dragons in KoS? Were they all allied together, at war with eachother? The dragons are Lord Vyemm, Tarinax, Harla Dar, Venekor, and Talendor.

    Now away from the dragons and over into the Lyceum of Abbhorence. Iirc, this is the only raid zone in KoS that did not have a dragon as the end mob. what was up with Vilucidae? What made him so special?

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    Default Re: looking for more KoS lore

    I can't answer your questions about the claymore for sure, but may be able to lighten up some questions about the dragons.

    The dragons are all part of a group called the Awakened. The Awakened represents Kerafrym the prismatic dragon. In Everquest there was a server race to raid a zone to awaken the Sleeper a.k.a. Kerafyrm, and once awakened the server was changed forever (the one raid force that did it got "mythical" items that only dropped once).

    Kerafym has the power and ability to pretty much pwn all of Norrath, but he has disappeared and we don't know why. He left a vast amount of treasure in Deathtoll which was sealed by 4 emblems. Lord Vyemm, Harla Dar, Talendor, and Gorenaire all contained one of the emblems entrusted. All four have some sort of connection with Kerafym (ie. Harla Dar was revived by Kerafrym I believe and convinced to aid him since she was so depressed about losing her family, the ghostly Dars in Temple of Scale.)

    Once inside deathtoll Kerafym revived a once-champion dragon called Tarinax to guard the treasure. Tarinax, as you see him, is just a lifeless gigantic beast of bones now.

    This is my own personal opinion after doing the claymore quest multiple times, reading all the conversations and other shit, and trying to put the picture all together. In the end, I could be full of shit and have no idea.. but I think I do!

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    Default Re: looking for more KoS lore

    That was actually a pretty good story. I thought it was real nerka!

    oh and ps you should write the next harry potter losl

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