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    Default Re: The Ewer of Sul'Dae is Back?!

    Except mayong, who was said to be here before veeshan came.
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    Default Re: The Ewer of Sul'Dae is Back?!

    Quote Originally Posted by Tristen View Post
    History of Norrath by Lumena Naktame - Traders of The Edge guild on Faydark This was compiled from Eq1 lore books and eq offical forums. Th elves are not 10,000+ years old....infact no race is with the except of the dragons and the gods...
    At the top of the page I read..

    "Be indulgents, I am still working on that timeline, some things are missing, and the dates are most of the time an approximation based on cross references, which may be subject to mistakes (I'm only human ) and to suddent changes as I discover new informations."

    So you're trying to use an incomplete (and possibly incorrect) source to deem other information null?
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