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    Default The story so far

    On the official forums there was a very useful post regarding the worlds history, I cannot recall who wrote it but I will credit him when I get home and can access the boards.
    In case anyone is like me and cannot access the official boards at work, I thought I would post the summary of Norrath here.

    How does the world in EQ2 begin? The universe of EQ2 began right when the first guild beat the Plane of Time in the Planes of Power expansion of EQ1. For anyone who ever beat that zone, you'll rememeber that Druzzil Ro came in right before you freed Zebuxoruk. The Gods had willed that he should not be freed, and in order to stop you Druzzil set back time to before the Plane of Time was invaded. Unknowingly, this time-split created a dual universe... e.g., the world of Everquest 2. This is basically a tricky way for the developers of EQ1 and EQ2 to keep their games seperate... since they are seperate universes, what happens in EQ1 doesn't happen in EQ2.
    This also means that anything that happened in EQ1 after Planes of Power did NOT happen in the world of Everquest 2! This excludes the Legacy of Ykesha expansion, which came after Planes of Power but BEFORE the Plane of Time was beaten. Anything that happened before Planes of Power is canon in Everquest 2 just as it was in Everquest 1.

    Pre-Launch - What happened between EQ1 and EQ2?
    The Tome of Destiny covers most of the events over the 500 years between EQ1 and EQ2. Following are some details on the more important events. Specific times can be debated, take them with a grain of salt.

    500 years ago
    The Gods, angered by the mortals who were storming their planes and killing their avatars, met at a council to decide the fate of Norrath. Each god had his or her own ideal of what should happen, but in the end they settled on the proposal by Quellious the Tranquil, Goddess of Peace. Part of this proposal was that the Gods would have to remove their influence from the world of Norrath for a long time.
    This did not stop certain gods from forming alliances and secret pacts. Each god raced to turn Norrath in their favor before they left.

    450-500 years ago
    Seemingly from nowhere, the Nexus was attacked by forces of Rallos Zek and Solusek Ro. They were carrying a large crystal, and they flooded into the Nexus killing any resistance. Soon after, all access to the moon of Luclin was lost and the shroud was permanently up. The moon would not be seen again for almost 500 years.

    **WAR OF THE FAY**
    400-500 years ago
    The War of the Fay was named after the continent which it primarily took place on, Faydwer. Led by King Naythox, the Dark Elven army beseiged the continent against the combined forces of the elves, dwarves, and gnomes. Kelethin was almost completely burned and the High Elf city of Felwithe was taken over. Both the Dark Elven and High Elven kings were killed in the war.
    While the majority of the Dark Elven army was across the ocean, a combined force of wood elves and halflings invaded Neriak. When the battle for their city started taking a turn for the worse, the Dark Elven Queen Thex told one of her necromancers to use the Hand of Byzola, an ancient artifact of the Teir'dal. Unfortunately, they didn't realize how powerful it was. It destroyed everything in the Third Gate... whether it was halfling, wood elf, or dark elf. To escape, the Queen brought down the caves, sealing herself and the other Dark Elves deep within the confines of Neriak.

    300-400 years ago
    When Rallos Zek's creations had almost taken complete control of Norrath in the early ages of the 1st Rallosian Army, the other Gods had punished them to ensure that it could never happen again. The orcs were split into divided warring clans, the giants that couldn't escape into the frozen lands of Velious were killed, the Ankhexfens were cursed and became the lowly goblins, and the Ogres were stripped of their intelligence and became walking dumb-asses.
    Before the Gods left, many of them sent down their avatars to affect Norrath in their absence. Rallos Zek sent the Avatar of War. He came to the Ogres and imparted their intelligence back upon them, then ordered them to rebuild the great Rallosian Army and strike once more. Most of the Rallosian races joined the army and marched across the land, eventually beseiging the human cities of Qeynos and Freeport.
    At Qeynos, they were barely stopped when the Avatar of Thunder killed the Avatar of Flames. The remaining forces were swallowed up by chasms sent by the Avatar of the Underfoot.
    In Freeport, the Avatar of Tranquility killed the Avatar of War, and the 2nd Rallosian Army was wiped out by the Greenmist, a poisonous cloud sent by Cazic-Thule in revenge for the Rallosian Army sacking his Temple in their march across Norrath.
    After the Battle of Defiance at Freeport, a paladin named Lucan D'Lere gained control of Soulfire, the sword used by the Avatar of War. He would soon rise to power.

    200-300 years ago
    Giant quakes spread across the lands of Norrath. Many racial homes were destroyed, and the lands were permanently changed and scarred. The rough seas became impassable. This is what made Norrath look like it does now, instead of how it looked in EQ1.
    The human cities of Freeport and Qeynos escaped most of the destruction, and life was forced to begin anew with these two places as anchors.

    15-20 years ago
    For a split second, the shroud of Luclin was lowered and the moon could be seen again for the first time in hundreds of years. In an instant, it exploded in the sky raining chunks of rock and fire down on Norrath. After recovering from the Rending, life on Norrath was forced to endure yet another catastrophic event.
    Many theories revolve around the moon exploding. Some say that the forces of Rallos Zek and Solusek Ro carried the drasolisk crystal, an item that they put upon the moon specifically to destroy it. Others say that it was the prismatic dragon Kerafyrm who blew up the moon in an attempt to destroy Norrath and claim it as his own. Nothing has been proven.

    So what all have we seen happen since the launch of Everquest 2? Quite a bit, actually, and with each expansion and adventure pack we come closer to understanding the events that took place between the Council of the Gods and the Shattering. Following is an outline of the major storylines in each adventure pack and expansion pack (excluding the Bloodline Chronicles and Splitpaw Saga, which did not relate to the world events much), and how they relate to the world as a whole.

    Everquest 2 takes place 500 years after the Plane of Time events (and, of course, in a seperate dimension). After the catastrophic events caused by the Rending and the Shattering, the two major cities of Qeynos and Freeport become refuges to many of Norrath's races. The former continent of Antonica has been split into seperate islands and collectively called the Shattered Lands. Many are just being rediscovered. With the absence of the Gods, many Norrathians feel helpless. Others feel inclined to search for answers to the events of the past 500 years.

    -- Bastions of Hope --
    Oddly enough, the two cities on the continent of Antonica that remained relatively intact through the Rending and Shattering are the human capitals of Qeynos and Freeport. These two cities now lead the charge to restore and reclaim the Shattered Lands.
    Queen Antonia is the current ruler of the city of Qeynos. She is the daughter of King Antonius Bayle VI, part of the family line of rulers that stretches back to the formation of Qeynos as a city. She rules her people fairly, and helps to ensure that Qeynos continues to push forward in order to rediscover and restore the Shattered Lands.
    In Freeport, Overlord Lucan D'Lere rules with fear and an iron fist. A former Paladin in the Knights of Truth, he was also the leader of the corrupt Freeport Militia. When the Knights of Truth went on a secret mission, they left Lucan in charge of Freeport's security. At the Battle of Defiance, he claimed the sword wielded by the Avatar of War, Soulfire. Soon after, he executed any Knights remaining in the city and took control for himself. The Knights of Truth and Priests of Marr later merged as the Order of Marr, but the Overlord still holds a firm grasp on his city. He plans to use his power to dominate and control the Shattered Lands.

    -- Deception --
    One of the more famous stories of the original Everquest is the story of Nagafen and Vox. One of Veeshan's Laws stated that two dragons of opposing elements could never mate because they could produce a Prismatic dragon... a being of immense strength. Nagafen and Vox tried to go against this rule, but were stopped and imprisoned for eternity for their misdeeds.
    After the Rending, the prisons of Nagafen and Vox were destroyed and the two were able to "seal the deal." When news of this reached the Ring of Scale, they sent out Darathar, the wielder of the Harness. The Harness is an artifact created by the Ring of Scale that allows its user to control the Drakota. The chosen wielder of the Harness was the "police force" of the Dragons. Another of Veeshan's Laws stated that one dragon could never slay another dragon, so the Ring of Scale used the Drakota to do their dirty work. Darathar was tasked with getting rid of Vox and Nagafen.
    Darathar was successful in using his drakota to slay Vox, but when he sent his Drakota in on Nagafen, the Crimson Lord had a bit of unexpected help. Najena, a Dark Elf conjuror, created a massive minion to aid Nagafen in fighting off the Drakota. Nagafen was successful in surviving Darathar's attack, and retreated back to his lair.
    In your travels, you stumble on a sage who is being attacked by a group of Drakota in Lavastorm. You save this sage who tells you that Nagafen must have sent these minions to attack him for trespassing in his domain, but he has no clue why. So, you head off to seek an audience with Nagafen. After learning the language of the Dragons, you talk to Nagafen who tells you that he had nothing to do with the attack, but employs your services. He tells you that when he and Vox were freed from their prisons, they mated and created a Prismatic egg. This egg is lost, and now that Vox is dead he has no way of finding it. He asks you to collect spirit shards from three powerful Drakota across the Shattered Lands and revive Vox to ask her about the egg.
    You bring this news to the Sage, who tells you to play along in hopes of learning something about Nagafen's motives. So, you head out and revive Lady Vox. She tells you that the Prismatic Egg was stolen by King Drayek. You head to the King's Chambers and slay him, only to have the Sage port into the room during your moment of victory and turn into none other than Darathar. He thanks you for leading him straight to the Prismatic Egg, and ports out after stealing it from under you.
    You tell Nagafen of Darathar's deception, and after getting a bit angry he sends you to slay the member of the Ring of Scale and recover his egg. To do so, you collect 5 arcane rings and port to Darathar's island. Though you are able to defeat Darathar, during the fight the Prismatic Egg is broken. You return this news to Nagafen, but he isn't as pissed as you thought he'd be. In fact, he shrugs it off, telling you that one egg doesn't matter. He says that he has a whole clutch of Prismatic Eggs, and losing one doesn't change his plans. He just wanted to be sure that if he didn't have it, then no one could have it. Who deceived who?
    You're left with the ominous thought that Nagafen has a whole nest of Prismatic children waiting to hatch...

    A storm of sand surrounded the island of Ro after the Rending, effectively hiding the island from outsiders for many years. When it was found, much had changed. The Rujarkian orcs had grown into a mighty presence and the Dervish of old had built a mighty empire centered around their city, Maj'dul. The Djinn, who left the Plane of Sky (even bringing a part of the Plane with them, the Shimmering Citadel), also inhabit the Desert of Ro.

    -- The Rightful Heir to Maj'dul --
    The Dervish empire grew into a powerful force on the Island of Ro, and they were ruled by a very honorable king. As with most good things, though, it didn't last. A Dark Elf named Dorn happened across the island of Ro, and he set things in motion to gain power for himself.
    He assassinated the King, and put into power a wizard named Mudeef, the Vizier of Maj'dul. On the face, Mudeef was the new leader of the city... but Dorn led from the shadows, creating the Court of Tears and a loose alliance with the Rujarkian Orcs.
    The sons of the rightful king were scattered in the wind. Three of them were given power within the city and allowed to lead one of the three Courts: Blades, Truth, and Coin. Along with this came a promise from Mudeef that if either could gain a stranglehold on the city then that son would rise to claim his father's throne. Of course, Dorn made sure that neither son ever gained this much power. The fourth son, the eldest and the rightful heir, fled to the Pillars of Flame.
    Mudeef happened upon a trapped Djinn one day, and through trickery of his own got the Djinn to grant him eternal life. The Djinn agreed, and gave Mudeef eternal life as long as he was leader of the city of Maj'dul.
    Through the Courts questline, you unify and strengthen the courts of Maj'dul and eventually find and kill Dorn, leader of the Court of Tears. You then find the eldest son and bring him back to face Mudeef. With the rightful heir back in the city, Mudeef was no longer its leader and no longer immortal. By killing him, you become the Hero of Maj'dul.

    -- The Godking, the Ewer, and the City of Life --
    When the races of Norrath were first put upon the world by the Gods, one of the first were the elves. At that time, the elves were one race, and they called themselves the Elddar Elves. They lived in the Elddar Forest, and from what we know from EQ1 they remained there until Solusek Ro raised the Serpentspine Mountains and choked out the forest, turning it into the Desert of Ro. In the Desert of Flames, we find out something a bit different.
    A faction of the Elddar Elves actually split off from the empire before the Curse of Ro and formed their own city. They turned against the teachings of Tunare and instead worshipped Anashti Sul, The Goddess of Life. They called themselves the Sul'Dal.
    It happened one day that a Dark Elf, fleeing from his home, came across the city. He possessed a powerful artifact, the Ewer of Life. The Sul'Dal allowed him to live in their city, even granting him a high rank, in return for this Ewer which they believed was tied to their Goddess.
    D'Morte, as the Teir'dal was named, lived in the city for many years and conducted some very bloody rituals. All of this was overlooked by the Godking, the leader of the Sul'Dal, since D'Morte had given him the Ewer.
    One day a great tragedy happened... the Curse of Ro. While the Elddar Elves fled the forest, the Sul'Dal refused to leave Akhet'Akhen, their city of Life. The Godking promised his people that they would be safe in the city and that the Ewer would grant them eternal life.
    Wrong. Anashti Sul was more of a Goddess of Undeath rather than life, and the power of the Ewer eventually killed off all the Sul'Dal, raising them again to wander the halls of their city for eternity as undead. Eventually, the city was covered with the sands of Ro and laid in ruins, undiscovered throughout EQ1 and EQ2 until the Desert of Flames. Through the Godking questline, we learn all of this and we meet D'Morte, who is actually a vampire, who is trying to get his Ewer back. In the end, you defeat the Godking and destroy the Ewer so that its evil cannot be unleashed ever again.

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    Default Re: The Story so far?

    When the Gods left, the planes lost much of their power. This included the Plane of Sky, which was already weak since its Goddess, Veeshan, had never been around much. In the Kingdom of Sky, part of the Plane of Sky called the Overrealm has "bled" into Norrath. The Overrealm is also called the Dragon Isles after the powerful dragon faction which has claimed them as their base of operations.

    -- The Power of the Claymore --
    At the outset of Kingdom of Sky, we are sent to this realm in search of the Qeynos Claymore which was stolen by a Dark Elf and whisked away to the Overrealm. Here in the Overrealm you discover a powerful dragon faction composed of old members of both the Ring of Scale and the Claws of Veeshan who call themselves the Cult of the Awakened. Who is this "Awakened"? None other than the prismatic dragon Kerafyrm, the Sleeper, who is leading this new faction in hopes of destroying Norrath and claiming it for his own. Oddly enough, though, he's missing and no one seems to know where he went.
    Your search leads you around the Overrealm where you learn that the leaders of the Cult are bickering amongst themselves in Kerafyrm's absence. Gorenaire and Talendor both want control of the Palace of the Awakened; Harla Dar wants to wait for Kerafyrm to return before attacking Norrath, while Lord Vyemm wants to strike now with his Doomwing Legion. Eventually, you learn that the Dark Elf thief was Gorenaire in disguise, and that the Cult has control of the Qeynos Claymore, which they call Enoxus... strange?
    Even stranger, your searches lead you to Lord Nagafen who has it out for Kerafyrm and the Awakened (maybe because he thinks Kerafyrm is the only one who can stop him from taking power when his own clutch of Prismatic eggs hatches). You find out that the Claymore may be in Deathtoll, a vault for the riches of the Awakened. Kerafyrm gave each of his leaders a portion of an amulet, and only when they combine all four can they enter Deathtoll (sounds a lot like how Kerafyrm himself was imprisoned in EQ1, huh?) Nagafen has you kill all four generals and bring back their amulet pieces. Upon entering Deathtoll you kill everything in sight, even the guardian Tarinax, and find no sign of the Claymore.
    Eventually, you are led back to the Froglok encampment. Here, you find that the Frogloks recovered the Claymore earlier and took it back to the secret location of the Order of Marr for safekeeping. The Claymore is more powerful than anyone in Qeynos or Freeport realizes. For now, atleast your actions have saved Norrath from the Cult of the Awakened. You are left with a promise that you will be called upon to help the Order again in the future...

    A long time ago, a bard named Zan Fi created the Monk fighting style. He taught this style to others, and those students who followed him eventually became known as the Whistling Fist Clan. In order to learn in privacy, Zan Fi found a small island on which he based this order of monks. Though they had many dealings on Antonica and the other continents, this is where the Whistling Fist Clan lived. The Island of Mara was never discovered in EQ1 or EQ2 until we find it in the Fallen Dynasty. There are also whispers of another hidden city on Mara, the ancient City of Knowledge, Tanaan.

    -- Of Tanaan --
    The lore in Fallen Dynasty can't be completely understood without some background knowledge on the Tanaanites.
    The Tanaanites were an order of people who had left the teachings of their Gods, such as paladins and shadowknights, in order to seek true knowledge. They craved knowledge, and as such they worshipped Zebuxoruk the Ungod, the only mortal to ever uncover the secrets of the Gods and ascend to Godhood on his own. They built a city that was never discovered in EQ1 in which to conduct their search for knowledge. This was the city of Tanaan, and it was on the Island of Mara which we discover in Fallen Dynasty.
    In EQ1, you might remember New Tanaan, aka The Plane of Knowledge. The Tanaanites were the first to open portals to the planes, and they built this city of knowledge within the planes and named it New Tanaan. Their goal was to find and free their God, Zebuxoruk, who was being kept prisoner by the other Gods so that he would not share the secrets he knew. The Tanaanites sent adventurers out to raid the planes, and eventually the Plane of Time, in search for Zebuxoruk.

    -- Zebuxoruk's Prophecy --
    When you find the city of Tanaan, it's not what you'd expect. The city is in ruins and all of its inhabitants are walking dead, except the few hostile snake-women calling themselves the Nayad. What caused this?
    Through the Fallen Dynasty quest line, you learn that the Nayad invaded Tanaan and destroyed it. The Tanaanites were searching for some ancient knowledge hidden by Zebuxoruk. Zebuxoruk had forbidden them to seek it, but they could not resist. In their search, they opened a portal to Nizari, the City of the Nayad... a City just like theirs, but in a different dimension. At first, they thought the Nayad were friendly. They shared their knowledge and hoped that the Nayad could help them find the information they were looking for. They were wrong.
    Once the Nayad had a firm portal opened to Tanaan, they invaded and killed everyone. The Tanaanites search for forbidden knowledge was their ultimate downfall.
    Through your service to the Whistling Fist Clan, you are eventually introduced to an old man named Zen Mei. He seems very wise, but has lost his memory and remembers nothing before he was found laying on the beach by the Whistling Fist Clan. He tells you of a vision he had of you walking into a portal prepared for battle, and tells you that it must mean something. So, you go use your portal device to fulfill this vision of his.
    After finding Chel'drak and killing him, it seems as if nothing has happened. You go to tell Zen Mei that he's crazy and has no clue what he was talking about, but he seems... different. He has his memory back. He tells you that his true name is Zebuxoruk, and years ago he gave part of his essence to Chel'drak to guard until the time was right. You were the sign that the time was right for Zebuxoruk to become whole again.
    With his essence back, Zebuxoruk prophecies the return of the Gods. He tells you they are on their way back. He also says that he knows the mistakes he made in the past, and he hopes to correct those in the future. With the prophecy foretold, events are set into motion for the arrival of the Gods.


    This is as far as the summary goes..

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    Default Re: The Story so far?

    Eof is where the void shit starts running wild across the storyline. Oh sry, the kos claymor stuff is also 'void'..and we had ools back in original!

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    Default Re: The Story so far?

    Will there be an update for EoF/RoK/TSO? Thanks for the read btw, very interesting.
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    Default Re: The Story so far?

    I'll be looking around for more info, but if anyone here wants to fill in the gaps of the last few expansions that would be great

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    Default Re: The Story so far?

    Very nice read man.

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    Default Re: The Story so far?

    yes very nice. I've played this game for 5 years and never seen the pieces put together like this. I do hope you or someone as good as you can finish it out, for my curiousity.
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    Default Re: The Story so far?

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    Default Re: The Story so far?

    Awesome story ty for putting it together!

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    Default Re: The Story so far?

    I'd like to see more of this. The progression would be somewhat like:

    Wuoshi/Seed of Growth
    Summary of what's happened to Kelethin?

    Fate of Norrath Questline
    Chelsith Stone/Mayong's involvement
    Order of Rime
    Maybe a summary of Timorous Deep/Sarnak history

    Leadup to TSO: the Seeress, Rodcet's Return, etc.
    Discovery of the Cloudskipper/Ethernauts
    Anashti and her subsequent release from the void
    Lucan's disappearance

    Ages End/Theer the Godslayer
    Odus caught between Ultera and Underfoot
    The Search for Lucan (new and improved, with Kerafyrm implications!)

    I'm sure there are lots of littler things I'm forgetting, that probably aren't important enough to write about (Venril vs. the Domini, 24 different epics...so on). I don't intend to write these up, as I'm a bit muddled on some of the lore, but it could provide a guideline perhaps.

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