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    Default Re: Brawlers items FTL

    I hate it when Sony puts in an abundance of brawler stuff and makes almost all of it crap. Now we can expect to see very little in the expansion, possibly nothing. I think it's summed up by saying they don't raid, nor do they listen to raiders. The fact that Moorgard thought the Bracers of Nature's Guardian were an uber bruiser item is a prime example of the piece of shit mindset that comes from the devs.

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    Default Re: Brawlers items FTL

    brawler gear gets infinately worse when you play a scout class....


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    Default Re: Brawlers items FTL

    Quote Originally Posted by Ishbu View Post
    At least I only had the pleasure of looting the fists of bashing, and the fist of pain, and the jade chokidai baton tonight in HoS....

    Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to have 3 shitty brawler weapons drop from the same fucking zone? What raid runs with 3 brawlers, and if there is one, what raid has them that can clear this zone that hasnt gotten better weapons from labs? Jesus.
    They are only good as broker trash, as the non raiding brawlers buy em up, helps the guild bank

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