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    Default Re: Every EoF Fable Arrmor Set (Screen Shots)

    Quote Originally Posted by Illuminator View Post
    I'd take it over the fabled appearance anyday.
    That's where it changes for sorcerers/summoners.

    I love the look fo a necro with the vest. I have no clue why SOE thought it would be cool to remove the robes from wizards/conjurers and throw them in a vest and remove the vest(relic) from necros and throw them into a robe.
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    Default Re: Every EoF Fable Arrmor Set (Screen Shots)

    PvP Set Armor is better than most Fabled EoF Set pieces.. but both look like crap. Yay imagination :s Why would anyone want to attempt higher-quality graphics while playing if all they get to look at is pieces of crap called artwork? Yeah the little graphic that is now all the scout set designs is cool, for one maybe 2 classes not all of them. And still hate the waffle hats they gave dirges... bring back the Sonorant design at least it was decent.

    then again it's sony, never expect originality out of them.

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    Default Re: Every EoF Fable Arrmor Set (Screen Shots)

    Zehl's EoF class armor fashion review
    By Zehl, The chief of the fashion police of Norrath.

    Quite a few of the sets make me think of spiderman, esp Wizard tee hee but still pretty cool textures.

    Notice the scouts all wear bustiers.

    Assasin - hot, sleek, ninja, sneaky

    Berzerker - hi Mr. and Mrs. Viking! Not sure if I like the plate, sort of dirty looking but maybe it's just bloodstained, appropriate for a zerker, and the horns definitely portray a bloodthirsty warrior/ess.

    Brigand - I like. The hat looks so adorable on humanoid females, robble robble! (couldn't resist!)

    Bruiser - doesn't really look like leather but looks pretty cool, should have maybe been darker...

    Coercer - comforting hugs to coercers who wear a banana suit. But then mages are weird they probably love the flamboyant bright colors.

    Conj - looks pretty sterile. cool suit overall, the metal robot facecover seems off for a mage... but looks cool.

    Defiler - looks so clunky and thick while scout chain is so sleek and tight but I like the darkness of it.

    Dirge - I think the berets are adorable though the pimp hats are cute too. The armor works very well, not gaudy but some colorful to it, creative musician types often get out of hand with the rainbow, dirge didn't.

    Fury - I like the new class helm, I'm jealous of it in fact, as an SK or Brigand or Inquisitor you can't see the hairstyle I worked so hard on when I show my helmet. The outfit is nice looking but does it really say I am here to nuke you and heal you with the power of the trees!?

    Guardian - Traditional Knightware, nice.

    Illusionist - purply. I don't love the purple & yellow thing or that shade of purple.

    Inquisitor - very hot! looks like I picked the right healer to go with Zehl. I love the design, the silver and black that say I am not taking any crap and you can't one shot me like a wizard so I can keep stuff alive. The hat, I just don't know about it... though it will fit my inquis's big hair.

    Monk - I have to admit, monk girls are tre sexy, I wish there were high level all class Gis. The design is very fitting to the class, and the color is nice.

    Mystic - I'm just not fond of brown & green (earth tones) with a bear on my head, I guess it's semi fitting to the class..

    Necro - so unfair to others, not only do they rock dps, they get that crazy evil helmet AND a really cool robe.

    Paladin - Sorry was that a full body shot? I can't stop laughing at the wings.... yeah yeah shiny valiant, hidehelm. I guess if I set aside that they are my arch eneimies, its ok. Who am I kidding.. hi I'm Harvey Birdman your neighborhood winged head knight!

    Ranger - a little on the green side, but it works for the class cause they are all woodsy. /mmm Lenavuz

    Shadowknight - pwns everything go home now. I'm *gonna* be Skeletor.

    Swashie - Very sleek, I like.

    Temlar - another polar opposite enemy! everyone knows the helm is a penis head, but they got really cool armor this time around.

    Troubie - Makes me think very much of lederhosen & octoberfest. The colors work well, not crazy about the hat.

    Warden - not a color I love but it looks really good with the design and works.

    Warlock - I'm sure the boys love pants for a mage, the black is cool, and they get that really awesome H.R. Giger type helm.

    Wizard - Quite red, and pants for the boys, little too bright. /ponders how that would look standing next to Zehl if her game husband wizard had not quit the game.


    Bard - for dirges yay, though a bit turquoise, poor troubs, this will clash with their armor if they mix & match, blends very nice with dirge relic (I can't think what troub relic looks like even).

    Brawler - Looks like the monk gear... bruisers shafted, may not blend well (though the Gi covers everything doesn't it anyway?).

    Cleric - blah. Looks like pally or guardian, will blend better with templar relic than Inq, both will clash with EoF class gear.

    Crusader - blah, but I guess it will blend with SK and Pally, though mix with relick and not so good for SK.

    Druid - Wow this will look HORRID mixed with warden EoF stuff..... but as a full set it's cool.

    Enchanter - Cool outfit, I like it, will blend great with Illus, Coercer.... sorry? I hope you like rainbow brite!

    Predater - Will kind of blend ok with both but much nicer with Assasin.

    Rogue - Very earthy looking for a rogue, won't match either great, by itself a little blah.

    Shaman - Not thinking this will look good mixed with either EoF.. it's very sleek scout style while they are both clunky. Looks a bit like the bard stuff, but a nice outfit & color by itself.

    Sorcerer - Will blend nice and look cool with warlock gear but now wizards get to be superman before they are spiderman if you use the legendary.

    Summoner - Very close to Necro's, will NOT go well with Conj but a cool outfit in whole.

    Warrior - Actually for plate, nice design and color though a bit gold for me.

    And that wraps up Zehl's look at what they are wearing today in Norrath!
    Zehl Ice'Fire
    DE SK from day 1/Provis/adorn
    /Tinker/Fashion Police of Halls of Fate (f.k.a. Unrest)
    Katayira: DE Inquisitor/Alchemist/Tinkerer
    Deyala: half elf Brigand/Carp/Tinkerer
    Musette: PixieDirge/Tailor
    And: Turalina jewler/mystic Moriera Armorer/Necro, Kissy woodworker meower
    Steam: Discord37

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    Default Re: Every EoF Fable Arrmor Set (Screen Shots)

    If sony would allow us to make mods for this game, such as the option to change certain textures, id be the first one here to be designing my own armor sets.

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    Default Re: Every EoF Fable Arrmor Set (Screen Shots)

    Do they seriously think people enjoy running around in bright purple puffy pant-suits, or the conjy HAZMAT outfit? I mean, SERIOUSLY, wtf runs through their heads when they think "YEAH! Lets put the coercer in bright yellow, and make it poofy. They'll LOVE that!" sigh... didn't they learn with the pally banana-suit? People do not like yellow unless its toned down or a highlight color. /sigh.... I'm just glad I'm not a coercer, tho the shade of purple they chose leaves ALOT to be desired.

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