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    Default Yellow Adornments for Primary/Secondary/Ranged Level 80

    I just picked up a level 85 character with the heroic armor and I filled all the white adornment slots since I know I'll be using this armor to 92 at a minimum, maybe longer. I notice the primary, secondary and ranged heroic items have yellow slots in them but unless I'm missing something, there are no yellow adornments in game that can be used at level 80 in these slots.

    The DoV yellow adorns at level 80 from Momo and the other vendor are all level 80 for armor only. The yellow adorns for the primary/secondary and ranged slots are all level 90, too high to go on the heroic items. I've checked the vendor in Paineel as well as the orcs as I have established faction with all of them. No luck.

    So here is my question: is there anywhere in game, mob drop or otherwise, where you can put yellow adorns at level 80 in the primary/secondary or ranged slots?

    Google was no help with this one.

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    Default Re: Yellow Adornments for Primary/Secondary/Ranged Level 80

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