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Thread: I was robbed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superbad View Post
    Is this RAR worthy?

    I've been in the military for 10 years and using the fact that your in the Military as leverage is just fucking pathetic.

    Congrats on disrespecting yourself and the uniform you wear.
    Yes. "I M IN RMY GIVE ME DA ITEMS" ffff I can't/won't join the army and that even offends me. It'd make good RAR material

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    Default Re: I was robbed!

    I'm former US Army myself, I never killed during my time in the service. I take great offense at people referring to the military as baby killers or any of those other terms being jockeyed around. The ones responsible for sending the armed forces over to these places are the rich little bastards in DC. Hate the puppet masters, not the working class that's just trying to get money for college.

    And as for the OP, go sit on a Russian nuke, you pathetic little Douche Fag. Your pandering and insolence make me sick to my stomach. If you have any respect for the uniform, or even any sence of dignity, you will remove yourself from the armed forces, these forums, and any form of contact with others, so as not to give people a bad impression of what Americans stand for. there are enough ignorant assholes doing that around the world, we don't need another.

    And as for your loot card, just cancel your account, you little, lying, pathetic beggar/exploiter.:41:

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