Selling the following LoN Loot Cards. Looking for plat on Guk, preferably. Can send offers via PM or to guk.sylke

Draught of the Versatile
Draught of the Vigilant
Draught of the Wise
Yha-Lei Ferocity
Coffin of Regeneration
Gigglegibber Apprentice
Makeover Kit
Title: The Oathbreaker
Draught of Second Chances
2x Painting: Taking Flight
Asharae's Tapestry
Bayle's Tapestry
Emissary of the Void
Golden Nightblood Guard
Illisia's Tapestry
3x Painting: Chestplate of Vinidication
3x Ruby-Set Left Pauldron
Sword of the Void
Retro Loot Tournament Card
Painting: Forgotten Goddess
Painting: Vengeful Gods
Petamorph Wand: Pink Dragon
Potion of Homesickness

I sold the box, but if you make a convincing offer, I could probably scrounge up another~