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and you need any of this for the 45 min that you drive to work over what a toyota gives you? You really get to use that acceleration when you are stuck in 15 mile an hour trafic? No.. Handling? no.. Interior? same as a toyota... So all you really get from the porsche is looks

For the rare ocasion that you might get to use the acceleration/speed... you get pulled over for wreckless driving and get your licence suspended... GG
While I wouldn't say it is common, there are a number of people that actually take their cars off of the government controlled roads so that they can fully enjoy the acceleration/speed/handling that their car provides.

Porsche analogies aside, I'd say it's more akin to just about every other collection hobby. I see no reason to collect coins, stamps, beanie babies, etc, however some people find enjoyment in it.

What makes foils even more unappealing to me is that there is no indication that they are special aside from the RNG landing on sparkle. There isn't any indication of a set number of foils that will be "released." Why should I have any desire to trade other valuable cards for a foil when I may still have just as much chance to obtain that card randomly in 6 mo., a year, however long the game lasts. Unless there is a limited release number, the value of foils will plummet after everyone that actually cares about foils has their set, yet the cards will continue to be introduced into the system.

Of course this is somewhat speculation, Sony may surprise me and cut them off at some point.