Please post any wishes you have for what you'd like to see in a parser for EQ2. The sky's the limit for requests like these, but I'll let you know whether or not I can do it, and I'll do my best to implement any feature you're interested in.

Future Feature Plans:
-The ability to upload your parse anonymously and compare it to similar encounters from other uploaded parses worldwide.
-Encounter History Search window: Search the history for the name of a Combatant or Attack name or type and display all past encounters containing your search term.
-AOE Spells by mob: The ability to search past encounters for what AOE's a given mob uses, and what resist type those AOEs are.
-Buff information window - intended to display how much effect a particular buff had on a particular raid. Synergism, for instance, or Cacophany of Blades, etc.
-Avoidance Detail Window
-Death Detail Window
-Dispatch notifications
-Ability to parse for a custom log line (maybe regular expressions, maybe just what the line contains, I haven't decided yet)

Current Feature List:
-Encounter history: Stores all previous encounters in an easily accessible way.
-Respawn Tracker: Enter what a mob's respawn time is, save it, and automatically start the timer when the mob dies.
--Automatically download respawn information from the server.
--Automatically submit your respawn timer information when entered, and validate it against already entered info for the same mob to prevent data corruption.
-Spell Timer Window: Display countdowns when an AOE spell hits. (Automatically modified by traumatic swipe)
-Copy Parses: The ability to copy DPS and heal parses to the clipboard to paste into EQ2 or elsewhere.
--Automatically enter parse information into a file in your root EQ2 directory so you can type /do_file_commands heal.txt or /do_file_commands dps.txt to easily macro parses, avoiding the clipboard.
--The ability to copy parses from past EQ2 encounters to easily show others how a similar past encounter compares to a recent one.
-Parse Preview Window: Display the most recently copied parse, so you don't have to guess at what's going to be pasted into EQ2.
-Pie Graph: Displays a breakdown of how much damage each attack did. Allows you to display a maximum number of items, always display a given attack, or never display a given attack.
-Automatic Updater: Checks the LCT server for the latest LCT release and prompts you to download the latest version, if there is one. If you download it, it applies the update and restarts the parser.