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    Default 100 lvl Conj - Coming Back to the game

    lvl 100 Conjuror - Anthro

    Very competent and competitive Conjuror with Raiding Experience up to Alter of Malice. I am looking for a guild that is progressing recent HM Content. Looking for times based more on EST I am free during the evening to raid I would like to raid 3-4 days a week. Prefer 3 nights. Starting time around 8 or 9pm and ending around 11pm If possible. I took a break for lengthy time from the game so I might be a tad bit behind in gear but definitely can get up to date fairly quickly.

    You can PM me.

    just trying to see what are my options for now.

    I am recently in Halls of Fate, but willing to transfer if times work out for raids.
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