L92 320AA Fully Mastered Brig (Freewheelin) Looking for a good guild.

When I say good guild, I mean:

A guild that is NOT rebuilding.
A guild that is working on HM Drunder, New Zones, that has cleared or almost cleared HM Kael x4 zones.
A guild that is NOT uptight. I'm a bit weird, I say crazy stuff sometimes.
A guild that is NOT religious. Hate you religious people, fuck off.
A guild that is stoner friendly. I am a big stoner, I spend all my time stoned. Be glad, i'm an asshole when i'm not.
A guild that likes to have fun, while progressing. Being serious is cool when needed, but not serious all the time. I'd get a job if I wanted to be serious all the time.

What do I bring?

I know how to play my toon. I know how to follow strats and oddly enough, I know how to think.
I do 200k dps currently on my brig, have a mixture of HM, EoW HM, and new zones gear.
Do not work, so my schedule is open. Easy to get a hold of.
EQ2U - Character Details for Freewheelin - Brigand (92) - Guk

Looking to leave Guk because the good guilds don't need a brig, and I don't really want to make one my alts my main to raid.

I live on the pacific coast, so I prefer to raid later afternoon/evening, but not set in stone.

While I'm being a bit humorous with this message, I'm a good player, understand my class, understand how to play other classes, and can follow strats. I enjoy progressing and kicking ass.

Can reach me in game on Guk.Fatfreddy or Guk.Freewheelin

oh yes, can't transfer till Next Thursday, May 3rd.