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  1. I never heard of wildstar ill take a look at Blade and soul I honestly was thinking of elderscrolls online or Like Final fantasy or maybe even WOW for some PVP hahah.
  2. I've been doing well. Just working these days and gaming when I have some time.
    I turned my account back on, started playing for a bit and I just don't think it will feel like it used to. I did get talked into Blade and Soul by some buddies if you were interested in that we're on the Poharan server. Wildstar died on us until the new xpac so we're giving this a go for a bit. It'd be cool to catch up and play a few games.
    Feel free to add me on steam: captnleapster
    or Leapster#1972
  3. Not sure if my last message wnet trough. But yah I remember the great leapster. I don't know if im going to return yet or not I'm really interested in the Pantheon: rise of the Fallen.

    How are you and hows it been going.
  4. omg kalgore...... i dunno if you remember me but I was just looking at the new TLE servers and thinking about playing again. Did you decide to start? I'd be down to give this a go with you
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