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  1. Late hours at work! I been playing SWTOR. Mostly because I dont need to rely on others to play it and have fun. My brother is pushing me pretty hard to try out ESO, he is in beta and says it rocks. I am not entirely sold. Seems to focus on PVP and we all saw what that did to Warhammer. I looked into the project 1999 thing, but it seemed to have pretty low population. EQ1 was great, EQ2 could have been great. MMORPGs wont ever be the same, now with the F2P model taking them all over. SWTOR focuses so much on new outfits that they havent had any new content for over a year. Hope you are well. I tried EQ2 again two months back, but it didnt take me long to remember why I stopped in the first place lol. Take it easy bro
  2. Woah, what's going on man. I havent checked this site since I quit in October so not sure if you will get this. I just started playing again this week because an old friend begged me too. I mostly just play on a EQ1 EMU server called Project1999 when I get the time. Every new game just ends up disappointing me. What are you playing?
  3. What's up queer!!

    Found this website a couple months ago and have been killing late hours at work with it. Some funny reads and good memories. I dont remember being such a doosh though. Probably best I left the game as I am a very nice person outside IRL! Well hope life finds you well, and maye you can let me know what you are playing nowadays, I will look ya up.

    Magank AKA Paul
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