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  1. Thanks for taking the time to look for the information first. I started a thread in the mystic forum where hopefully some other mystics will chime in with current info.
  2. Hello Gahnand, i've been browsing through the Mystic forums for over an hour now looking for a PURE heal and buff spec. Unfortunately i have not been able to suceed in finding a up to date or recent spec. I was hoping i could ascertain your help in finding one or being sugested a viable option for my mystic. I will provide you some of my current information.

    My group is - Mystic, Inquis, Dirge, Coercer, Beastlord, Bruiser
    I currently use the General AA spec from your AA Spec post located on the Mystic Forums
    I currently parse 8k with my mystic but i need to shoot for at least 20k

    *Note I am relatively new to playing a mystic
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