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  1. Propel on Oasis is really good, and there's a guy with no gear in a terrible guild named Simien that actually parsed pretty well given his circumstances. Also, Talduke on Crushbone doesn't have shit for gear, but the dude used to post on the wizard thread and always put out monster numbers when he had gear that wasn't terrible. Those are the only ones I know of that aren't actually in a hardcore type guild right now. Simien is my wildcard. I have seen a limited amount of his parses but what I did see he did well. Propel is the one that posted a couple parses under the name Fish(or something close to it) in the wizard parse thread. And I have 0 idea what Talduke's situation is, but I know he can push the buttons good. Best of luck!
  2. Hey looking for a wizard spec for a friend and don't really know any that I can trust.. can you maybe point me in a decent direction for him?
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