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    Sorry its taken me a few days to get back to you, were just in the middle of a move and a reno here We are progressing to the sentinel's fate expansion as of July first. Thats our hardline for progression. You don't need to commit to 3 hours 4-5 times a week we just ask that you raid as much as your schedule allows as we really rely on attendance to have successful raids. If all of your characters are above 80 though which is where we are locked to...do you have any 80's? If you dont a great fit for you would be Fortuitous Bello they have a website at www.fortbell.guildportal.com and my husband is the leader of that one and they are a great bunch of people over there While we do have higher up alts and do run some higher up stuff but we mainly work with our 80's. His name is Szerezar/Edgaar and He will be on later tonight after about 6 pacific or i will be on Szerina/Saeana/Hydera if you're still interested in DoM
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    Hello Szerina!
    I like much of your post about DoM; close knit, group of friends willing to help each other out, etc. My one qualm with your description is that I'd like to be raiding 90-95 content. Is that something that Dawn of Marr (or an associated guild?) is planning on doing soon?
    I'm a casual player, returning, after having been out of game for 2 years. I play 4 or 5 nights a week, but can't commit to 3 hours each time. I'm low key, quiet, no drama. I'm a competent player, but certainly not top end. I enjoy raiding; I'm not dead set on Hard mode raids, but like to work towards them. Not a gear hog...iIt's more about having a good time and working well with others.
    My guild is extinct on Everfrost/Blackburrow...most players left EQII a couple of years ago. But I'm back, and none of the guilds that I've read up on the server seem to be what I'm looking for. 94 wizard, 290 AA's. Have an SK and Mystic that are 90 that I'll catch up next.
    Thanks for your time!
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