After a few years off, my play time is pretty low now but I have been playing in free time when I can. I can't always keep my 3 accounts on so I'm trying to get rid of mule alts & super low alts I had made to visit friends on other servers ages ago, who quit long ago as well.

I have a low level girl on Skyfire (originally Nagafen) in my own guild (everyone else quit years and years ago & I petitioned to become leader/owner). The guild is level 20, I have to go count up my plat, it won't be more than pocket change. I'm pretty sure there is no guild hall.

Anyone want to trade the guild and any stuff I have for marketplace items (or dbcash) gifted to my other account? You can have any plat & I could place all my holiday house items in a house for you (I have a few boxes full).

I'm not expecting a huge amount, I just hate to throw it all away if someone else would like it. PM me if you have any interest, or /tell or mail me in game Halls of Fate.Zehl.

I will try posting in channels in game though I hardly use that character and also right now that account is on free and she is the locked one. I plan to sub her around end of this month.

Yeah I know the population is pretty dead here like in game, figured I'd try.