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    Default Lvl 100 Necro looking for AA suggestions for Solo/Duo game play.

    Shot in the dark here as most post are from 2016, thought I would ask. Anyway, requesting input on a good Solo/duo AA build. Also, where should my key stats be? CC, CB, Potency, Ability mod, reuse, casting, recovery, spell reuse speed, spell double cast and ability double cast. Are there caps on any of these? As most know, it's like night and day gear from lvl 99 and lvl 100. Just want to make sure I'm doing all the right things. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Lvl 100 Necro looking for AA suggestions for Solo/Duo game play.

    Do you have a good bolt on UI? Back when I played, a good UI went a long way in letting you know where caps were. The stats may have changed, but the mechanics are still basically the same, so you'd benefit from reading any guides you find here. There's a good wizard guide you can look at too and just throw out anything that's not stat related. For AA, find some people who are top necros and look them up on eq2players. If they haven't hidden it, it will show you their AA trees and gear. Don't ask me who the top necros are. Since you wanna solo, maybe look for some chinese plat farmer necros.
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