I'm returning to EQ2 after over a year and am dusting the crypt dust off of the old Necro. Since all of my AAs have been reset and the trees have changed, I've re-examined my build.

I like tank pets for soloing because I can explore more dangerous places - I think they're more survivable when things get tough. They're also great as a utility character for harvesting in dangerous places, etc. I have a second mage spec that I use for groups and raids.

Since I'm level 80 with 146 AAs part of this build only goes that far so when I ding 81 rsn I'll have the AAs free for Elemental Toxicity.

Here's my current build:

Here is the text version. I'll update it if I make changes so future guys can follow along. If I were starting from scratch I think I'd do the STA line until I got 21 points then respec to Tainted Heals then either start again with STA or get the Gravecalling Enhance Undead Knight then move to STA and STR

4 Shockwave - pet does AE Knockback and stun
10 Perceptor's Command - AE increase threat
8 Perceptor's Bodyguard increase tank pet health
2 Unflinching Servant - immune to control effects like Stun Fear Root
----- total 25 ----
8 Perceptor's Defense- need 70 in Summoner

6 Animist's Transference -take pet health to heal yourself or ally
10 Minion's Barrier - increase pet defense
6 Minion's Uproar - increase pet melee and casting skill
0 Animist Bond - pet converts power to health
---- total ------

4 Animated Dagger
4 Parrying
10 Wild Channeling
0 Implode
------------total ---------------------

8 Aptitude of the Theurgist - need 70 in Summoner


Elemental Toxicity - need 16 in SF attributes


Manipulations Tree to get to Tainted Heals

5 Enhance Chains
1 Enhance Dispel Magic - 1 point to add Dispel Noxious from target
5 Enhance Necromantic Pact
5 Enhance Grasping Bones
0 Enhance Fear
3 Enhance Mortality Mark - later 5
later 5 5 Enhance Siphoning of Souls
1 Tainted Heals - requires 20 points in Manipulations
------------ 21 Total --------


5 Enhance Undead Knight

5 Enhance Summoning - summon pet faster
5 Enhance Awaken Grave
5 Enhance Blighted Horde
2 Enhance Undead Horde
0 Ooze Pet


5 Enhance Consumption


5 Enhance Soulrot
5 Enhance Bloodcoil
5 Enhance Pandemic
5 Bloody Ritual - converts pet health to necro power


Sentinel's Fate abilities - requires 70 points in Necro

5 Spirit of the Underworld
5 Minion's Adeptness
1 Minion's Soulstealing
5 Noxious Debilitation
5 Consuming Vitality
? Noxious Barrier - Stoneskin absorbs attack over 10% pets health

2 Accelerated Decay - requires 10 SF points spent


Shadows Line - skip for now since it costs 10 points to even start it