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    Default Myth cloak analysis

    Let me know if you see some assumptions that you disagree with that would change this calculation significantly

    crafted cloak
    283,472 tick

    myth cloak
    325,699 tick

    Got stats as close to identical.
    Made sure that same 2 pet debuffs on dummy and no temps going pre-LB in both cases (procs triggering from LB hit don't affect later LB ticks)

    Good news is that it's a straight up 15% increase as advertised. No gimmicks.
    283,472 * 1.15 = 325,992

    Now, is it better than than crafted?

    Let's assume for myth cloak I'll slot Eye of Drinal (2.2x 15s of 5pot + ~2.5kdps from dmg) and Harrowed Madness (2.2x 15s of 9pot). Better reds are already slotted, so this is best of currently unused.
    LB dmg sample:
    Amalg 60k
    Eriak 90k
    Tagrin 80k
    Glokus 30k
    Caella 45k
    Denerva 53k

    Obviously joke flip'n'fucks will see higher dps, but lets go with semi-valid, semi-relevant Amalg fight as avg 60k. 2 LBs over 2.50m looks par. So myth effect is 9k dps lets say.

    So we have going for Myth:
    +9k dps from LB
    +2.5k dps from Drinal
    +3pot amortized from Drinal
    +5pot amortized from Harrowed
    +0.3pot/cb + 32int from stat differential with crafted cloak. let's call that 0.8pot
    -1.5kdps from AugmentedSmite on crafted
    -2x 10s of 12cb proc on crafted -> amortized to say 4cb
    (gonna ignore the abil-mod difference due to myth not being reforgeable since at 11k abil mod i already left a couple spell-weapons unreforged; can dip into those to counter-balance)
    +10k dps
    +2pot (5.8pot - 4cb)

    So... what's 1double.

    Let's say about half the dmg is double-able (not procs, including Graverot, LB, SB, crush are big ones). Did rough tallying up in ACT. That's the 0.5 in equation below.
    Let's say the multi is about 65% of initial hit (did some ACT poking). That's the 0.65 in equation below.
    Let's say I'm parsing 1m.
    Let's say I have 0SDA, what would adding 1SDA do.

    So 1double = 1m * .01 * 0.5 * 0.65 * = 3250 dps

    Fucking spoiler tags no work? wtf
    Now, isn't quite the same calculation because my SDA is already ~10 and adding another 1SDA is not going to affect the portion of the parse that already comes from SDA'ing, but the difference is tiny enough to ignore.
    If you like, here's the calculation including that:

    Let's say I'm parsing 1.033m. If you're wondering such a weird number, it's just for ease of calculations. Close to 1m sounds reasonable tho, that's what matters.
    Let's say running with 10double already. That's 0.10 in equation below.
    Let's solve for X which is my base DPS without SDA:

    1.033m = X * (1 + 0.10 * 0.5 * 0.65) = X * 1.0325
    X = 1m

    So now we're back in the above situation that we can evaluate 1SDA as if I had none, and as you see difference is tiny enough to ignore.

    This is obviously all back-of-napkin. Base DPS assumption can be pushed to 2m easily - depending what fight you want to model for, double-able % can fluctuate greatly base on your group. But looks like myth cloak comes out ahead slightly even with those.

    Thoughts? If you managed to follow the arithmetic

    edit: added math explanations
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    Default Re: Myth cloak analysis

    um ya sure.. in a nut shell cliff notes?? ur saying myth cloak adds 3250 dps to an individual parse? sorry im to damn busy to actually think about this shit and would prefer to be spoonfed like the fathead water baby i am

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