This FAQ was written by Platfarmer - thank you - LFG.

Tutorial for downloading, and setting up Teamspeak.

First, you will need to download the Teamspeak Client.

Go to TeamSpeak

On the left side of the screen, on the Teamspeak tab. click the download link

Next you will have your version select, I'm assuming you are all playing on a windows box, so its the very top option on that page.

After clicking that link, it will take you to the EULA page, scroll to the bottom and

After clicking that, the download window will open,

Now wait for the download to finish.

Once its done downloading.

Now go through the standard install process, if you installed eq2, you know how to do this.

Once you have the program installed, the final window has the option to launch when you hit finish, leave it selected.

Once its running, a window wont pop up, so you need to go down to your system tray (You know, where your clock is.)

Once open, click on the connection tab, and click connect.

On the Local Addressbook tab, right click on Servers, and choose Add Server. Give it a name, something sexy, like EQ2Flames.

Now, in the server address bar, put in

Now select a nickname, and click the Anonymous radio button underneath your nick. also click the auto reconnect button (if you get disconnected it will you know.. auto reconnect for you.)

Now, click connect, once connected to the lobby, click on the Self tab up top, and select Register With Server. When the little popup comes up, put in whatever info.

Click register, and you are now registered!

Now, set up your audio options.

Once the window opens up, change your talk function from voice activated, to Push To Talk. Use a not commonly used key, I use ` (~).

You are now registered with the server, and have your push to talk key configured.

Your finished, now you are free to talk shit to anyone on the server

(If I suck at writing tutorials im sorry, but figured it was worth a try :P )