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    Default FAQ: How to turn off sigs and Avatars for Dummies

    FAQ: Turning off sig files and avatars for Dummies

    You can easily turn off avatars and sig files to avoid whining about rather or not your boss would like the contents of someones sig while you gold brick at work, by following these simple instructions.

    1. Locate the user control panel button at the top of your screen. its labled USER CP, and heres a picture for the 40 watts among us.

    2. click on that and to the left go to edit options

    3. click on edit option and scroll down the page till you see the thread display options.

    Unchecking these boxes will free you of the need to whine about rather some sig files are work safe or not.
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    Default Re: FAQ: How to turn off sigs and Avatars for Dummies

    I give this thread eight stars for how extremely awesome it is

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