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    Default Random Returning questions! - Tanks and Merc Mechanics

    Hey guys!

    I am thinking of returning to the game, and haven't played since SF. As is the norm for my EQ2 excursions, i'll be bringing a few others and rerolling.

    I have a few questions on new mechanics right now though!

    First off:
    How are mercs for tanking all the group dungeons? Chances are I wont even touch quests, going from one dungeon to the next. I may or may not have 1-2 people to play with during this. Can I run with both a healer and tank merc? Or should I roll a tank? I was thinking of going beastlord, though its not required.
    If I do need a tank, what is the best one right now? Back when I quit, it was SK. I've read that monks and brawlers are pretty amazing these days though. I wouldn't mind rolling one of those up.
    And finally:
    How active are endgame 1 group dungeons? Are they still difficult enough to be a challenge, or did they go the WoW route of making them ridiculously easy? I will never be raiding, so this will be my final target. I love how challenging EQ2 dungeons were around the time of Shadow Odyssey. Can you do them with mercs?

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    Default Re: Random Returning questions! - Tanks and Merc Mechanics

    Random dungeoning doesnt seem really active. Bringing friends is good idea. You can solo many dungeons with a mercenary though. If you plan on playing a Beastlord the inquisitor mercenary is a good one to run with. As far as tanking if you are only running heroics i would stay away from Guardian because it seems to be more of a raid tank. Sk's are viable and i have heard good things about monks. As far as challenge it depends on player skill and gear in my opinion. I would just try a few dungeons and see which ones you enjoy running. I would stick to blue or green heroics if moloing (soloing with a merc).

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