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    Default Returning: state of game?

    I left the game around the release of TSO, my highest was a 70-ish? (just entered kunark, the need for.. money, crafting, and general grinding just.. didn't fit my schedule at that point and I poofed)

    I've currently been grinding my life away in TSW, love the game, but the same 7 dungeons over and over each day is slowly grating at my sanity -- I enjoy the epic gear grind, mastering my class, working out builds, for me an MMO is all about the progression, my character, my story, etce tc.

    So i'm looking for a new game, few things have popped to mnd AoC -- population too low, Vanguard -- muchly the same, plus the endgame.. lawl grind -- hell I've even considered going back to Wow -- say what you will, be blizzard's had a long time to master the variations of endgame content.

    But then I Remembered EQII, and the fun I had back in the day, good guild, how I was at KoS (Really, what other game lets you GO TO FLOATING ISLANDS TO FIGHT UNDEAD DRAGON CULTS.. as a mid-level adventure?) -- and was curious how is the game these days -- considering just buying the station pass and chipping in for CoE

    Is the endgame still "ELITE GUILDS ONLY OR ALL OF THE GRIND KTHX" or are there more things to do than raid raid raid.

    Is the community still spread out, or is there ia big dead zone from 20-90? Any newbie guilds doing the old content? or am I going to be quest grinding till I hit the chains area.

    Moreover, is the community still as booming as it was, or a shadow of it's former glory?

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    Default Re: Returning: state of game?

    if you arent 95 good luck getting people for anything, and its a shadow of it's former glory trust me.

    most people just PL but there are progression guilds out there

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