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900p for a $15 sub is not over priced. Go look at any website selling plat for a comparison, because (wake up call for many) buying kronos is essentially selling plat, except SOE gets money out of it so it's okay. I find it so funny that people actually buy & sell Kronos as a means to make plat, the return is so awful for how much you're spending. But do you I guess.
Maybe 900 plat isn't over-priced, but to me it is. That's ok, I'll just exercise my right as a consumer and pay for my subscription as I used to. No big deal. Was mainly pointing out that now that my supply of plat has run out, and I'm making much less plat now, I won't be spending it on the Kronos. It's not just Kronos though. I've noticed the prices on a lot of different items going up as peeps try to compensate for dwindling plat supplies. I will become much more self sufficient from now on, as I imagine a lot of others will be.