What you are missing intendly guys is that it's a pvp server and it wont last long without pvp. Everything in EQ2 gravitates around PvE. It s not because the game was thought this way. It s just the devs are too lazy to change it into a real pvp. The only thing that would save this server from dying is making PvP > PvE. There is no skill to find a strat (or steal it most of the time, it's easier this way) and repeat it forever. That s why players want PvP and class/group balance. Everything else is just boring. You exiled players just tend to have a higher resist to boredom than others that's it.

You are all very aggressive because you think faction players just hate you or envy the gear you got. I doubt it's just a lil too simple. What players hate here is the devs that allow the game mechanics to let the server die. Just keep in mind that most of the players dont have either the time or the patience to waste 90% of their time in PvE on a PvP server.