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    PVP Issues Forum! ☆[ATTN: Newbies read first!]

    This really isn't necessary if you're a longtime user of 'Flames, but if you're new, please read:

    Q: I think person on (most likely Nagafen) is a jerk-
    A: Yeah that's nice but post that on the corresponding server, and if they are really that lame, then make a Rate-a-Retard thread. Not here. Same goes for Battlegrounds-related threads as we now have a BG section.

    Q: How do I make super-awesome PVP videos?
    A: I use Fraps, myself. As of late 2011, you can record in-game videos and upload directly to YouTube.

    Q: Cool, I made one! Where can I host my super-awesome PVP videos?
    A: YouTube is fine, some other video sites take down gaming videos though because they want 100% user-made content only. I recommend hosting your videos on something like Mediafire or Filefront also, especially if you use copyrighted music - this is because some videos will either a) be muted because of copyright claims, b) pulled from the video sites entirely, or c) be blocked in certain countries, usually Germany, because of copyrighted content. These also will come out in better quality than most video sites, especially YouTube, so I'd do both.

    Q: Who is the PVP dev?
    A: I don't think there's a primary PVP dev, though I think they should hire someone from the community. Who's good at PVP. And is a programmer I guess.

    Q: Why was my thread moved?
    A: It had something to do with a server itself or you were discussing how EVE Online or WoW or Animal Crossing PVP is better than EQ2's and you should quit EQ2 for said other games. Or it was meant for the Battlegrounds section. Or it was just stupid.

    Q: I need help with PVP, I keep getting killed.
    A: Check to see if you actually keep it up to date (sounds silly I know but some people don't!), check your spells, make sure you're not going to attempt to kill some guy in a guild that is full of hardcore raiders with gear better than ANYTHING YOU'LL EVER HAVE, and so forth. You can also make threads here to ask. The PVP servers are full of trolls but they will help you too. Kind of.

    Q: Which class should I roll?
    A: Play one you like best.
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