Hi Everyone,

I was just reading about how some people become exiled because it opens up more wold pvp for them, I assume this means they can now attack good and evil. Can anyone confirm this, possibly elaborate if I missed anything?

So my other real question is, if you become exiled and than make your city the neutral city of Maj'Dul are you able to attack both good and evil?

Also, for both exiled and maj'dul..are you able to join any guilds? Is Maj'Dul a third faction of sorts? I just came back from a very lenghty break so a lot of this stuff is new to me. If anyone could give me hand a understanding exiled and Maj'Dul that would be awesome.

Thanks in advance, and sorry is my gramar is a bit off, trying to power type at work before the boss comes by and gives me the lovely opportunity to find a new job.