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    Default DPS BiS Weapon List

    First, credit goes to Qan on the Rift Forums for creating this. He has done a very good job in creating a solid listing of gear and weapons. No doubt there will be arguements on certain items, but for the most part the listing is pretty accurate. Feel free to post you thoughs/comments.

    Link: Rogue DPS BiS Gear List

    The Equation

    For an item to be on the list it had to have the following:
    1. At least 1 Dexterity
    2. Lvl50 Item
    3. Epic or Relic Quality (Purple/Orange) (Blue items can be requested on this thread)
    4. Contains no tanking stats (parry/dodge/block)
    5. Must be a DPS increase over an empty slot (no heal on hit trinkets, etc.)

    Where does the 2:1 ratio come from?
    It is based on the tooltip in the stat sheet of your charcater page. (Hover over Dex/Str/Ap/Crit) This ratio is based solely on the ratio Trion has given stats on items, it is by no means perfect, and depending on your spec you may lean more towards AP or Crit.
    1 Str = 0.5 AP
    1 Dex = 1 Crit + 0.5 AP

    1 Dex > 1 AP > 1 Crit
    The ratio changes depending on spec but the order stays the same.

    Orange items are Relics.

    "The following sections do not take weapon speed and/or weapon damage into account. If you are melee dps the relic daggers will outperform Blade of Light due to having much higher dps. Alternatively, if you are ranged dps, the relic bows will outperform the Godslayer Bow of Durnes."


    Melee 1h

    Please keep in mind the listings is based on total stats and not weapon speed and damage.

    Atm, there is no doubt that Alsbeth Dagger is OP and best period for melee. And the GS Bow is best ranged.

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    Default Re: DPS BiS Weapon List

    nm re read what was wrote
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