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    Player versus Tard
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prugor View Post
    I'll probably just use this to solo farm areas in stillmoor and shimmersand. I haven't gotten many powerful tank gear yet, just the ae greater essense and basic blues.
    For soloing I'd use the bard-assassin-bd build. That's what I use and I can take heroic mobs pretty easily.

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    My numbers for absorption (53% and 51%) in the above posts were wrong. I copy pasted the number figures from a discussion I was having in alpha, before we knew about stacking behavior and during a build when the UI didn't show %'s for mitigation from armor.

    So here are the actual absorption numbers before armor/resists:

    For 51rs/8rng/7brd: 46% absorbed
    For 51rs/8bd/7rng: 44.86%

    Which makes the difference in damage taken per hit ~2%

    I still feel like, in most boss fights, having 1500-1600+ more HP and ~2% less phys/magic damage is better than 8% dodge and sidesteps. At least until we see an encounter that does significant physical damage instead of the main threat being magical as is currently the case. And even then, we'll have to see, as by the time that fight comes along our gear might be such that the HP bonus from bard is too significant to ignore in any possible case.

    However, 51rs/8bd/7rng is still better for T2's, especially if your gear isn't mostly T3.

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    A little late to the conversation but here are some of the advantages I find with the BD.

    First I like having the extra aggro. Go in pop side steps and I am getting extra aggro because of all the proc attacks I am getting off of strike back.

    I like having a combo building AE tool so that I can generate aggro more efficiently.

    Also our shields don't scale for shit. As the mobs start hitting harder the damage eventually out paces the advantage we get from blocking 15% of the inc damage for up to x% of our health. If they even get around to changing how the shields scale then I will agree, but right now I would rather have the dodge to fall back on. I am currently at the dodge cap on stats and I see dodges procing all the time. You say 8% dadge. Well thanks to what I get from BD I am right now at 19.69% dodge just standing still. Pop False blade as part of my rotation and thats basically 1/4 of attacks dodge and with side steps almost 3/4 attacks dodge. each dodge automatically causes a free attack which = free aggro.
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