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Thread: War Z scam

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    Default War Z scam

    (reposted from another website)

    Russian company came out with a zombie game called 'War Z' (obvious ripoff of Arma DayZ) and got Steam to start selling it.

    Purchasers immediately started complaining that 90% of the described content wasn't in the game.
    Developer changes all of the descriptions to 'soon' will be in the game.

    But... it turns out the zombie skins and sound files were all (illegally?) ripped from the DayZ mod.
    And the artwork was all retouched 'Walking Dead' Cosplay photos (illegally?) copied from the Internet.
    And all of the 'actual ingame' screen pictures were 90% faked.

    Oh, but this gets even better...
    The developer gets on the official game forum, and calls the people dissing the game 'fags'.

    The company starts banning people from the game if they post negative comments on the forums.

    Developer posts that the game descriptions aren't lies, that the servers CAN handle 'hundreds of players'... they just have them currently capped at 50.
    He claims the players requested this cap.

    He says that the people who are complaining "read the descriptions wrong" (blame the customer?)... for instance the description of "maps are up to 400 sq km" is accurate, because the largest map is 9 sq km... and is (quote) "therefore in that range". (endquote) One player posts that if a car dealer sold a car that "can do up to 120 mph", and then it only did 3 mph, claiming "3 mph is in that range" would get him laughed out of court. (This post gets deleted)

    Developer posts saying rumors that their trademark was denied are false (so players post copies of the actual trademark denial from the government website)( because Paramount already trademarked 'World War Z').
    They also post copies of the denials for trademarking his company and distributor names... which he is still using.

    But the game is selling like mad on Steam, so...
    ...the developer patches the respawn rate from 1 hour to 4 HOURS, and adds a button to respawn immediately for 40 cents of purchased Game Gold.

    Steam finally gets a clue, takes the purchase button off it's Day Z page, and sends everyone who bought it an email offering a refund.

    Game developer is currently running amuck, posting and writing letters all over the Internet.

    People REALLY start digging and find this is the same guy who wrote and sold 'Big Rig Racing', which GameSpy scored as "The worst computer game ever written".

    They also discover his name associated with a game called "War Inc", (which also had it's trademark denied).

    Apparently he spent 6 months writing War Inc, and then noticed the buzz on the Internet about Arma Day Z...
    ... so he stole their zombie skins, pasted it on his soldiers, and renamed it War Z.
    Then he posted "new patch in a few weeks" on the War Inc Forums... and walked away pretending War Inc never existed.
    (Six months later, the War Inc players are still posting "when is the patch" threads, with no word the game is now War Z.)
    Meanwhile, the developer makes a new Facebook page for War Z, edits the creation date to 2011, and approaches Steam about selling it.

    Well, Steam has now washed their hands of it. (They even admitted they were wrong to have actually listed it.)
    I expect the lawsuits will pile up, the developer will milk every dime he can get, and when the Russian Police are knocking on his front door...
    ... he will be walking out the back door with his wallet.
    And the War Z players will be posting "why did the servers just go down?"
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    Default Re: War Z scam

    lol that's sad but also kinda funny. I bet SOE hires this guy.

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    Default Re: War Z scam

    Lol, I fucking knew something was up with that game. I'd seen a stream or 2 for a few mins with it on and there was no way that shit wasn't just a straight pirate of day z, though it didn't look quite as buggy in some regards and the inventory looked a ton less gay. The fact that something else "Z" was coming out so quickly after the Day Z fad hit that was identical certainly seemed odd.

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    Default Re: War Z scam

    Russian Z vs American Z - I bet the Ruskies get to th.... oh....


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