so i live in bfe so my internet kinda sucks had cable but about 1ish pm i go from 60ish ping to about 300 ping on league of legends.
so i tried dsl and at 1st my ping was good about 30-40.. but i would lose internet all the time (dropped abut 80 times in 3 weeks)
so after i called they gave me a new modem and then switched my port.. now i get spikes from 30-50 to about 200-300 and the back down
again in a few seconds.. (3-5) whichs sucks what playing.. what can i do to find out whats causing the spike in my ping?
before i had them switch my modem/port when my internet was on i never lose my normal ping. allway stay around 30-50 but now
i get the spikes... any help would be goods