Transmuting is the art of breaking down unused items into the components which may them be used to make Adornments. Transmuters also make a number of Adornments. Any Artisan who wishes to create their Artisan class Adornments will need components created by Transmuting.

What can be transmuted?
  • treasured gear
  • adept 1 and better spells
  • legendary gear
  • fabled gear
  • master crafted gear

What cannot be transmuted?
  • no-value items
  • items without an equipable level
  • handcrafted items
  • furniture
  • consumables
  • some quested treasured gear
  • containers
  • anything stackable
  • apprentice spells
  • Heritage Quest items

Transmuting may yield four different results, all of which are used to make Adornments. There is a rare chance of getting two results on a Transmute:
  • treasured item - fragment or powder
  • mastercrafted item -fragment or powder
  • Adept 3 – powder or infusion
  • legendary item -powder or infusion
  • fabled item -either infusion or vial of mana

Transmuting cannot utilize the commission system, but if you group with your Transmuter and are in the same zone, you will see the results.