by Beldain from Tinkerer forum

Looking to confirm recipes that aren't in the common vendor sold books - since tinkering was revamped after beta ended, and the new system wasn't tested, its hard to tell if these made it into live or not... several of these have lower level versions that are in the common books, but the end of the line versions are missing... EQPlayers is still bugged, item searches still registering new items, so its hard to tell if blueprints have been found somewhere - any confirmation from folks that may have found blueprints would be appreciated - especially if you can include link text info =)

Confirmed rare blueprint drops:
Mechanized Platinum Repository of Reconstruction - \aITEM -1809908673 -1494876835:Blueprint: Reconstructor\/a
Overclocked Gnomish Hovering Device - \aITEM -765866844 -821600062:Blueprint: Overclocked Hovering Device\/a
Gnomish Hovering Device - \aITEM 7284607 -1624782303:Blueprint: Hovering Device\/a
Gnomish Safety Recaller - \aITEM -758643270 2075611180:Blueprint: Safety Recaller\/a
Magnetized Generator - \aITEM 108746148 -2035214800:Blueprint: Magnetized Generator\/a
Gnomish Luclin Boots - \aITEM 924850022 1548096956:Blueprint: Gnomish Luclin Boots\/a

Missing recipes - either unconfirmed drops, or removed
Screewoggin’s Mystical Spark Maker
Overclocked Gnomish Pacemaker
Full Body Arcane Environmental Suit
Full Body Elemental Environmental Suit
Full Body Noxious Environmental Suit
Pocket Robot
Mechanized Gnome Female
Feyiron Snake Basket
Arachnaphobic Repeling Apparatus
Wormhole Generator – Qeynos
Wormhole Generator – Kelethin
Wormhole Generator – Freeport
Wormhole Generator – Haven
Gnomish Matron’s Mechanized Façade
Gnomish Shades
Overclocked Spell Reflectors - all 7
Metal Decay Spray
Gnomish Cloaking Device
Gnomish Temporal Displacer
Amplified Gear Spinner
Logic Train