(original post by Rochir in the Weaponsmith Forum)

Some of you may have noticed that recent suttle changes in metal shaping tradeskill algorithms have made it much harder to get pristine every time. Here are a few do's and don'ts for hitting pristine (almost) every time:

Metal Shaping Dont's

1. Don't mindlessly pound your durability buffs. Doing so may increase your chance of failure.
2. Don't ignore failures and events. Hit those spells every time the icon appears in your item creation window.
3. Don't panic if durability starts rapidly dropping. Take your time and conserve your power.
4. Don't pound on the same buff over and over again. That may actually increase your chance of failure.
5. Don't craft rares when you are too tired, the results can be disastrous.
6. Don't use tradeskill macro programs, especially when crafting rares. The tradeskill algorithms are designed to prevent botters from hitting pristine. Macro programs, botting and exploiting are violations of the ToS and can get your account suspended or banned.

Metal Shaping Do's

1. Reduce your power profile by taking off as many items as you can. The lower your power profile, the faster you will regenerate power. I wear the artisan clothes that can be purchased using status points from the city merchant when crafting.
2. Wear power regenerating items if you have them such as the Efreeti Boots (Saving Soles Heritage Quest) or a Pristmatic (Deception Quest) weapon.
3. Try to hit your buffs at least once during each quality level. But dont rush it or hit them all at once.
4. Do push progress. The longer it takes to make something, the greater your chance of failure.
5. I use the following metal shaping tradeskill spells when making armor; Corner Joint, Overhand Strike and Stoke Coals.
6. Conserve your power to the end, you may need it to keep your durability up.
7. Use all your buffs including your progress buff at each quality level, including pristine. If you pound only on your durability buffs, you may actually increase your chance of a failure.
8. Do use food and drink while tradeskilling. Running out of power can really slow you down when tradeskilling.

No matter how skilled or careful you are, failures are still possible. I keep extra coin in the bank and often a spare cobalt cluster in case of failure. I have lost 2 cobalt clusters in tier6. The first was a bar at level 53 due to failure to push progress, the second was a cobalt curiass at 59 that I tried to craft when I was tired. If you need to practice with rares, use your own rares, not someone elses. The first cobalt vangaurd pieces I made were for me. If you have a failure with a rare, replace it out of your own pocket or risk losing your business and your reputation.

Tradeskill Macros

I have tried making my own tradeskill macros and they do work. To create a macro go to socials and click the macros tab. The problems with tradeskill macros is that only 2 commands can be executed at a time and a pause cannot be inserted between them. If you create a macro which executes 2 tradeskill spells, both will be executed at one time. Activating tradeskill spells too fast or simultaneously can increase your chance of failure when metal shaping. The macros can be useful when grinding but can increase your chance of failure when crafting rares. I recommend creating tradeskill hotbars and then setting the one with the spells you are using at a given station as your primary hotbar then use your keyboard to execute your spells. This gives you more control without increasing the chance of failure and it reduces tradeskill mouse cramp