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    Default Elleffgee's Maj'dul Crafting Society

    Elleffgee (edit: formerly) on Nektulos server has established a public crafting area in his Maj'dul Affluent Residence, conveniently near the Golden Sceptre in Maj'dul. He has every type of crafting station, all pristine quality and open for public use. He recently hired me to decorate his place, on the condition that the home must contain all the crafting stations, and be accessible to crafters and customers. I decided to arrange each station to display a show of related wares wherever possible, as well as creating a private area for his own use, and a waiting area for the customers to relax while their goods are being created. And here is the result:

    Entry room: customer waiting area and study area

    View from the door as you enter:

    Same room, viewed in the opposite direction looking towards the entry:

    To the left of the door as you enter, a waiting area where customers can await the completion of their orders, or peruse the catalog of wares:

    Also in the waiting area, a chess board to entertain waiting customers, complete with an opponent, if needed:

    A row of display cases separates the waiting area from the study area, with various fine wares and curios on display.

    *yes, the floors in the Maj'dul homes are actually uneven, so these counters are not perfectly vertically aligned - floors are higher near the walls than in the middle

    The alchemy research area to the left of the room ... looks as if something's been cooking a bit too long:

    On the right side, desks and a jeweller's bench (not shown) comprise the less explosive research areas of the study:

    Featured in this area is of course the shrine to the lovely Owlchick, she who creates many of the wonderful books that we can collect for our homes. More books will of course continue to be added to this shrine long into the future:

    Main crafting area - central room

    Viewed from the doorway coming from the study area, in here we find a kitchen area, a forge, a woodworking table, and a loom:

    Close-up of the kitchen area, various food items piled ready for use:

    Close-up of the loom, with carpets and other woven merchandise on display:

    The woodworking area, with various wooden weapons and furniture items on display:

    And the forge, with armour and weapons on display:

    The back room - private area

    In the furthest room, we find a quiet area for Elleffgee to relax or entertain guests, away from the bustle of the crafting machines.

    View of the room from the right side (entry door is on the middle left of this picture, between the blue vases):

    The dining/meeting area, from where the above picture was taken:

    A small oasis in the corner provides the restful sound of flowing water:

    Beside the water feature, a music corner for the bards to entertain guests, or just for private practice:

    And, in the center, a large fireplace warms the room and welcomes guests is the first thing to catch the eye on entering the room:

    Thus ends the tour; those viewers on Nektulos server are welcome to stop by and visit in person, and perhaps even try out the facilities.

    With thanks to Ixnay and Elleffgee for the commission and much of the funding; Kiana and Pathetica for assistance in obtaining Qeynosian items and for crafting some rare furniture; Scrounge, Bahann, Eriqua and Mori for additional furnishings, and Owlchick for inspiring Elleffgee to create the shrine.

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    Default Re: Elleffgee's Maj'dul Crafting Society

    Awwweesome .... I wish I had the patience ..not to mention the talent to even do 1/10 as beautiful a home !! Well done !!

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