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    Default Harvesting Help for those that want it

    Note: This was a thread on the old Tradeskill forums. I am reposting the link to the original article and pertiant responses about using the in-game marcos to harvest. Calthine

    <hr size="2" width="100%">IcedAngel:
    I have been asked over time how to do this, some may just like double clicking to harvest each node, others have simple macro's but this is the way I do it and I hope it helps some people. I am not posting this to get flames or you're doing it all wrong........ LOL I am aware there are "other ways" but I have tried to help alot of people set it up similar to this and they all ask me for a walkthru how to do it, so I am just hoping this will help someone.

    <hr size="2" width="100%">bks6721

    um ok.. but why a macro for each skill.. put them all into one macro.

    for example.. i run around and hit my #1 key and it automatically

    targets_nearest_npc and uses whichever skill is required for that

    particular node. the "1" key is the only key I have to use

    and I don't have to target anything with the mouse.. mucho faster.

    <hr size="2" width="100%">Qiao Elu:

    bks6721 what does your macro look like?

    line 1: ??
    line 2: ??
    line 3: ??

    Just curious.

    <hr size="2" width="100%">

    : ; usea mining ; usea mining ; usea foresting ; usea foresting
    : ; usea harvesting ; usea harvesting ; usea gathering ; use gathering

    <hr size="2" width="100%">

    I did that because lets say I target a
    den, even though all are rolled into one macro, I still gotta click
    that macro 3 + times to get the entire harvest. Doing it like I got
    it, targeting the den and hitting the appropriate macro with 2 pulls at
    a time, I only have to click it twice. I know it just saves one click,
    but for people who harvest ALOT as I do, it saves me hundreds of
    thousands of clicks. And I dont target with the mouse I use my "Tab"
    key, I tab to the node, click appropraite tool (if not already
    equipped) , then click the right macro. So I dont click to target, and
    I only click twice to harvest all.

    So this way it goes like this:

    1: tab to node

    2: (tool is already equipped) click the right macro (2 harvests)

    3. click the right macro (2 harvests)

    4. done, move on

    (2 mouse clicks)

    Or the other way:

    1. Click to select the node with mouse

    2. click all in one macro

    3. click all in one macro

    4. click all in one macro

    5. done, move on

    (4 mouse clicks)

    this saved me two clicks, multiply that by 1,000 nodes, and I saved 2,000 clicks of the mouse.

    I know people have their own way just like I said, this is just mine and I thought it may help someone.

    <hr size="2" width="100%">
    <snip of="" some="" chit="" chat="">


    When I go out to harvest I have been equpping my gathering tool in the charm slot that doesn't swap. I then use a hotbar to swap tools as needed into the second charm slot. Many places in T7 only contain 2 type of nodes, so when you stick to those places
    there is no need to swap. Other zones aren't nearly so geographically itemized, and so I've just gotten used to swapping when needed there. Grouping your harvest tools in a hotbar bank with your harvest buttons is a good idea. I will be adopting that.

    To harvest, some people like to use the letter "F" key while hovering over nodes. The one drawback with this is if a mob walks in the way you've now just initiated combat with the mob. Others prefer to drag the harvest icons to a hotbar. It enables queing which is important to me, but also means tabbing to get your target. I tab to find targets in Feerrott as it is about the only way to see alluvium ore without tripping over it, but most times I don't need to cycle the tab key to find what I'm looking for. As such, I don't find tabbing very efficient. One extra key stroke isn't always a good thing when a random name generated harvest bot is more than willing to jump on any and all nodes, including the one you're busy with (part of the game, I can and do deal with it, but most of us see it as rude. I have no stress when I leave someone else to their nodes and they leave me to mine. When that doesn't happen I don't think either of us walk away at the end of the day feeling extra happy. That could largely be due to the fact that I'm a vindictive grumpy dwarf).

    I use a Logitech G15 keyboard which essentially has an entire second set of F keys labelled as G keys. Having those extra keys around to use has been handy. For one, I finally can map my movement keys to the left side of the keyboard rather than having to use WASD or the directional keys that are always on the right side of every keyboard layout I've ever come across. It's a great keyboard for just under $100 Canadian.

    I also use the harvesting icons, in a bank set of 6 G keys, but I've replaced my collecting icon with this macro:

    : ; usea mining ; usea collecting ; usea gathering
    : ; usea foresting ; usea trapping ; usea fishing

    first keystroke in this collecting macro replacement autotargets the closest object and begins the appropriate action for any node. I
    immediately hit the next G-mapped normal harvest appropriate key to que (mining icon for mining, gathering for gathering, etc.), and once the second harvest action is underway hit that G key again. Three quick keystrokes and that node is targetted and down. It's enables good queing for fast and fluid harvesting.

    Everyone has their own preferred method. This has been mine to date. It autotargets and begins harvesting in one keystroke, and I still have the other buttons needed to que harvesting. You don't need to que collecting aside from perhaps the odd quest or two so it was an obvious choice to replace that icon key with this macro. The macro still allows me to use it as a collecting button as well. You may notice the order of harvest skills in those macro lines. They're in my order of priority. They make me a little quicker on the draw in getting what I can use most. Anything that helps me versus that annoying harvest bot toon is a good thing.

    The only drawback to my method is you get message spam. If you were trying to fish (a rare occurrence I know, but a very few of
    us do still fish from time to time) you would get 5 messages telling you what you couldn't do in your chat box. Thought I'd throw in my 2 copper. My one macro followed with the regular keys works well for me but I'm always curious to see how others manage their buttons. Thanks IceAngel for sharing yours.

    </snip><hr size="2" width="100%"><snip snip="">


    Yuck! Try this instead. You will not get have problems if you seperate the gathering techiques. Make six complete macros one for each ability. :smileywink:


    /useability gathering(or any of the other 5)

    My hot bars have this setup. Harvesting tool icons on top bar. Next bar down I have my macros (mining under the pick icon). Then under
    the second bar (macros) I have the regular harvesting buttons. From right to left my hot bars go Gathering (who doesnt use roots in some way?), Mining, Foresting, Trapping, Fishing (main is a provie), and Collecting.

    </snip><hr size="2" width="100%">


    I get what you're achieving there. I only use 1 hotbar while you're using 1 1/2. Extra spam vs another hotbar open. The most important thing to me is once a tool is equipped to get that node harvested in two clicks instead of three. We both achieve that.
    I didn't do it your way because I was trying to not open up yet another hotbar (4 visible all the time, and 2 visible on mouse hover over only).

    Your set up generates no extra message spam. I can appreciate that.

    <hr size="2" width="100%">

    /target_nearest_npcYes the setup takes 1 & 1/2 hot bars, but they are 1/2 of three hot bars open. My current main has 5 hot bars showing with 2 scroll ups for crafting,1 scroll down for utility items, and 1 scroll down with my buffs spells (Fury). Now if I could target then harvest and que the next harvest in one macro (same ability) that would decrease the button click count. How would that be written?

    /useability (name of harvesting ability)

    /useability (name of harvesting ability)

    or would that be


    /useability (name of harvesting ability)

    ; : useability (name of harvesting ability)
    <hr size="2" width="100%">

    IF we could have three action commands that require queing in one macro you could:

    : ; usea mining ; usea mining ; usea mining
    (this macro line blank)

    However, it won't work. The /target_nearest_npc goes off as it's instant, but one of the usea minings would override another. The only time you can successfully use 3 abilities in one macro is if one if them is instant. I can only assume SoE decided to code it this way and to not incorporate /pause 5 seconds (example) commands to make players play more actively, rather than rely on one-click macro strings. When it comes to harvesting I'd prefer to one-click it all, but make do with 2 clicks. It's the best you can get atm.

    <hr size="2" width="100%">Devilsbane:

    Okay not understanding you about your 2 click count. You click the macro to target and harvest, then click to que the second harvest, then click to que the final (third)harvest. That is 3 clicks total.

    <hr size="2" width="100%">

    Sorry. You are correct. I do use three clicks. I use two fast clicks immediately (autotarget & harvest; harvest) and then wait the couple of seconds to que the third (harvest). The first two taps happen so fast I wasn't counting them right in my head. It would have been better to say I find this the fastest for me as my harvest animation doesn't stop until the node is dry and I'm only waiting once to que up a harvest.

    /runs off to find a childrens book to relearn how to count

    <hr size="2" width="100%">

    Maybe i am being oversimplistic ... but I just have my harvesting tools hot key'd -- when I see a node I need I select the hot key number with keypad -- then I run to the node until i get the hand symbol and press "f" on the keyboard (f is the default for trigger default action which can be mapped under options - controls - command keys). So i don't use any macros or mouseclicks to harvest -- just two key presses --- one to select tool and one to harvest -- of course pressing f is a single harvest but pressing two more times is no big deal for me.

    <hr size="2" width="100%">Devilsbane:

    Ah! Are you a WASD movement player? Back in the day when nodes gave only 3 tries, I started using the arrow keys to get to a node first. Usually if you started harvesting first most players following etiquette would back off. If you ran up against a claim jumper. The first person to target and harvest got 2/3 of the tries. When you think of those ? on the ground (even today) first person to target and start collecting always gets the treasure.

    <hr size="2" width="100%">Ronin SpoilSpot:

    I have a harvesting hotbar with just the raw tools and skills, no macros.

    have to click the appropriate harvesting button three times, but since it only does one thing, it allows me to queue the harvests and avoid delays between them, even when lagging.

    I set this hotbar to primary while harvesting, and I always have "run" on key "1", so that had to be there too. The hex doll is for going back to combat equipment.

    I tried macros like ": ; useab gathering; useab gathering", but if you tried doing that while already executing another action, you would
    queue and then dequeue the gathering. I spent a lot of time waiting until I stopped doing that.

    I also has a "harvest all" macro that does all five harvesting skills and collecting, and a separate "target nearest npc". They are more
    convenient when just running around, especially for collecting.


    <hr size="2" width="100%">

    Hope that helps folks! Calthine

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    Default Re: Harvesting Help for thos that want it

    I have exactly the same setup as Calthine. One problem tho, I have 2 hex dolls, str in 1st and agi in 2nd charm slot. the harvesting tools swap into my 2nd slot with no problem, but when I try to swap my agi doll back it just swaps for the str doll in my 1st charm slot. I can't figure out how to get my agi doll to swap with whatever tool I have equipped. Any help please?

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    Default Re: Harvesting Help for thos that want it

    using in my hotbars:

    1: equip +harvestspeed for forresting+collecting
    2: equip +harvestspeed for trapping/fishing
    3: equip +harvestspeed for mining
    4: target_nearest_npc & equip upgraded dwarven work boots
    5: collecting
    6: trapping
    7: re-equip JBoots
    8: mining
    9: sprint
    when finished i press 12: re-equip both hexdolls

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