I'm new to all this GH design thing so I have just done a thing or 2

My Guild Hall Stuffs

Basically, it all started when I got trustee access to my mains GH:
The Harpers of Norrath (Runnyeye server, Antonica T3 GH).

I came on here in pursuit of ideas for what I might be able to do to pass time sat out. I saw someone made a stable out of bookcases so I decided to do something similar. I now have a 2 tier house there that is looking at being a bit taller at some point in the near future. Until then, I'm just gna show what I have done for now.

The house shown is in The Harpers of Norrath guild hall, and once I made 1 tier, i logged into my alt guild to find I had trustee access there. The banker looked a bit of a mess (and still does to an extent), so I pulled together a thing or 2 and tidied it up. Once I did that, the GL told me how she had a room that needs doing up, so I made a chique dining room with forestry and some music (I personally like the DJ's deck ).

After that I made a deity room downstairs and someone put Shrine of Flame in the middle. I then did something similar with floor 2 of my house.

If you get the time, take a look. It's not brilliant, but I don't think it's bad for a first attempt .

If you wanna see the stuff in the alt guild hall:
Seekers of Euronimity (NFP T2 GH, Runnyeye Server).