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    Default Decorator questions.

    I am an absolute noob when it comes to decorating. I tried it, I had fun, but I sucked bad at it. I would be interested in hiring someone to decorate a prestige Halas home, but since I never thought about it, before I start looking for a decorator, how much do people usually charge? Do you furnish the item or does the decorator do his research, or has an idea of what to do already, and you hand them the plat to cover the expenses?

    Thanks for any and all replies.
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    Default Re: Decorator questions.

    As far as a decorator's fee, it varies from person to person. It also really depends on what you'd like to see done in your house, what size house it is, what style you like etc.. Some designs take a lot more time than others. You can talk about price in different ways too depending on if you'd like to supply items and then just give the fee to use them, or if you want the decorator to suply the items. Personally, I'd prefer the person to just give a set amount for the whole project, materials and tip included (ie. decorate this house for 800p and make it awesome!).

    Your best bet is to look through some houses posted and find a decorator you like and ask them personally about doing a comission. Some decorators are willing to decorate on other servers even with payment in some SC items etc... Here's a link to a page with few decorator specific galleries. You can also look through some houses there and search for styles that might interest you.

    If you are looking to put out a general request for any decorator willing to take on a comission, make a post on the Norrathian Homeshow Forums, I don't think many/any decorators come here Be as specific in your request to hire as possible, it usually gets the best results.

    Server of job: or if you will offer payment to another server too?
    Type of project: (whole house? which house? only hiring for a small project like building a bar? etc...)
    Style Desired: Asian decor? Modern look? Something rustic?

    Anyways, good luck to you in your search

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