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    Default Carpenter for hire

    Hi everyone, I've gotten one of my characters into the Carpenting specialty, and so far I'm loving it! ^^ I'm pretty much done with messing around with my own home, though, so I thought; why not make some furniture for other people? The shame is I'm only on the Freeport server...

    So, what can I make you people on the Freeport server? Pick anything up to lv 34 from these two pages:
    Everquest II Furniture: Crafted Common Recipes : 414 Items
    Everquest II Furniture: Crafted Rare Recipes : 299 Items
    Resources are no issue at all, since my guild generously lets me use the materials in their crafting container and have a Fuel Merchant available. ^^

    And here's the catch. What do I ask in return? There's two options.

    The Show-Me-The-Money Deal

    Tier 1: 30 Copper per common furniture and 60 Copper per rare
    Tier 2: 75 Copper per common furniture and 1 Silver
    per rare
    Tier 3: 1 Silver per common furniture and 2 Silver
    per rare

    Time taken: Depends on how many items you'd like. Usually about 3-4 minutes per item if I have some time to grind.

    The Tradeskill-For-Tradeskill Deal
    Out of coins? No problem. I make you something, and you'll make me something in return. I'll accept:
    -Any items equipable by a lv 20 Coercer or a lv 30 Necromancer
    -Mage spell upgrades for the same two classes
    -Food items
    -Health/Power potions of any tier
    -Wood totems
    -Appearance items where the main colour is black or anything that looks dark and badass in general

    Time taken:
    Depends on how many items you'd like. Usually about 3-4 minutes per item if I have some time to grind.

    Since I'm still a free user for a couple of days to come, I'll trade you the furniture at a time you can be online and then you can do with it whatever you like. Place it in any home, any (perhaps starting) guild hall, re-sell it, go nuts. All you need to do is make sure you have room in your inventory, and the fact that I made it stays on the item.

    If you'd like me to make you something, please post a clear list of the items you'd like, and I'll hop to it! ^^ I'll update this list every time a new tier becomes available to me, so stay tuned, forum folks.

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    Default Re: Carpenter for hire

    Carpentry is so much fun I had more fun leveling my carpenter than any of my others. While I can't offer my business to you, I can offer guidance. If you have any questions, shoot me a tell or a game-mail (I'm rarely online these days). I can be found on the Freeport server, on Dambae, Wraylae, Zyllah, Gabeybaby, Vorticity, Kaledine, Aukarye or Karuune.
    Dambae Shadowfury
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    Zyllah Shadowfury
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