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    Default Re: What's better since release?

    I reopened my subscription a few days ago after 7 months gone. I still have a few days on the free trial for former players, but I've already canceled my subscription so I won't get charged.

    My character level 40 swordmaster rr 46.

    Class balance for good or bad seems to not have changed. Personally thought I never saw it as that bad and it seems alright now. Casters and to a lesser extent ranged dps though are dominant. It's not that they're more powerful classes its just that it's easier to hit with ranged attacks and blind aoe in the lag.

    Client performance hasn't changed. Still the same horrible fps even on beefy systems and unexplained cient crashes.

    The lag is MUCH worse. The server is so slow to update player positions that open field RvR is all but pointless and you'll see very little fighting away from keeps. Keep fights are mildly decent becuase their is less player movement the server does a better job of updating.

    RvR is much more active at all tiers. There is almost always some RvR going on in tiers 2, 3 and 4. From early afternoon until late at night. This is the result of several improvements. One being alot more rvr quests. Its even easier to get xp and gold doing rvr now. In all tiers they added some gear rewards for getting influence in rvr combat. Thought it can take quite awhile to grind out that influence, but the gear blows almost anything else you'll find.

    PvE hasn't changed, quest rewards suck as they always did. But PvE is entirely dead. With the better rewards for RvR and the lower population. I never saw anyone questing or doing PQ's in any tier on any of my alts. Even scenarios are less popular becuase the rewards are better in RvR.

    Overall its mostly the same game only with fewer people, better RvR rewards and more active RvR zones. A great game imo and I enjoy it as much now as I did originally. Except for the crippling lag and that is the sole reason I'm leaving again.

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    Default Re: What's better since release?

    Warhammers a piece of crap.

    Order is totally overpowered but as of late it is getting a tad more even. ITs a disgrace though the game has been out a year now and theres barely been any balanceing patches. They only started to address CC issues like a month ago.

    Bright Wiz > Sorc
    Eng > Magus
    Witch Hutner > Witch Elf
    White Lion > Marauder
    Runepriest > Zealot
    Ironbreaker > Blackguard

    Basically the only decent classes destro have is a Chosen (unless they were nerfed sine the few months I quite, DoK, squig herder and I guess the sorc sine RDPS still dominates the game.

    Takes them forever to fix shit. Bright Wizards were blowing crap up with broken tatics, broken aoe's for months before Mythic finally made a fix.

    They merged like all the servers but 6. Total fail. I think all but badlands has a low pop most of the time.

    Aion starts up in a week, Im sure at least half of who's left is jumping ship even if its for a month.

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