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    Default Mogrim's School For Warlocks


    Those who canít do, teach. In this spirit, here is Mogrimís School for Warlocks. Much of this material is information used and combined from prior guides, especially Syndarinís guide and the useful information from Dakkotaís elaborate Wizard guide that applies to us as well. I filtered the information to make sure it is still relevant. Iíll do my best to keep this as up to date as possible. May Death's Grip be upon our enemies.

    If you want to ask me about anything, PM me//send a tell to
    Maj_Dul.Mogrim // Maj_Dul.Croaksmore // Maj_Dul.Florensia

    1) Warlock AA

    Mogrimís AA Specs:

    Focus Effects are mostly straightforward. I don't care for Shroud of Bertoxxulous, and -10 Hate on Nullmail doesn't mean anything in raid. I go with Boon of the Damned because it doesn't hurt sending extra hate and reducing the chance I draw unwanted attention, and then for the last point, I grab a little more combat speed as the other remaining choices are all less important to me.

    Suggested AA Spec

    Overall, the variance between good AA specs on warlocks should be minor. The main thing is you're going to want to put 90 points in the Sorcerer Tree, 82 Points in the Warlock Tree, 46 Points in the Shadows Tree, and split the rest between your Heroic and Dragon Trees. This is because the benefit from what you can buy in the Heroic and Dragon Trees well out paces what you can get in the first 3 Trees.


    The Sorcerer Tree isn't what it used to be. We still spend enough points to get Blast of Dev,
    but Freehand is worthless now, compared to the massive amounts of potency/crit bonus on gear.

    The Warlock Tree is also fairly obvious. The INT siphon isn't worth it anymore. I prefer Pyre over Distortion, because if I am going to be forced to use one of these inefficient spells I would prefer to only commit 1 second of cast time to an filler vs 1.5 seconds. As a result, I prefer Pyre over Distortion.

    The Shadows Tree is straightforward. There aren't really any points that should be up for debate. Spend as few poitns here as possible.

    The Heroic Tree is a lot different than we used to be. Chains is so good we definitely want it. However, since self UT is hot, I have to spend as little as possible here, otherwise. The big difference is that if you're fully geared AND have Ire-Dread, I'd strongly suggest using Mystical Field over Sanguine Sacrifice, as Sanguine provides minimal potency relative to our current potency totals, where Mystical Field provides cast-on-the-move, AOE block, moderate semi-passive damage, and resets with the hammer so as to be up quite often. If you don't have Ire-Dread, copy what I've got below, but take Sanguine Sacrifice over Mystical Field.

    The Dragon Prestige Tree is also very direct. Due to massive quantities of potency on gear, auto attack is meaningless. As a result, I don't waste points in AE auto. Otherwise, grabbing double endlines is definitely the way to go. I've got a more selfish spec based on my dps role with my guild, but that is a little bit of an outlier and most people would prefer the set up I've linked below.

    <View Mogrim's Suggested Dragon Tree>

    The Prestige Tree No real debate. AOE content absolutely feeds the right side, and it is even viable on single target content. This is because the large chunks of ability mod that we get causes Toxic Assault/Caustic Detonation to grow a lot more than Noxious Influx has grown. In addition, the conversion gives you extra Crit Bonus which allows us to play near or at CB cap when end-game geared Hybrid, in general, costs way too many points on the top of the page to be that great. You really need to go all out one way or the other, and most of the left side doesn't scale well. If you go down the right side, grab the two middle "endlines" as well, and load up everything on the right side trees except the hate reduction.

    <View Mogrim's Suggested Prestige Tree>

    The Warlock Prestige Tree is pretty simple to figure out. Just Max the Crit Bonus and Potency Lines, and grab both endlines. If you get to the point where you don't need all that CB, you can slide a few points into mod. Auto attack is not worth anything, though.

    <View Mogrim's Suggested Warlock Prestige Tree>

    2) Optimizing Gear

    General rules when selecting gear:

    1) Critical chance no longer functions the same. Now, you're pretty much stuck with what you have + using a potion to give you more Crit Chance in raids. I do adorn for it a bit, because relative to other stats, most white adornments are nearly garbage now.

    2) Your cast speed should be capped or very close to the cap in raid with proper buffs. Check what youíre at in raid, and make sure youíre right above 100. Going over 100 now turns into Spell Double at a fairly strong rate, and should affect your logic when adorning and reforging. Remember, you're probably using a Temp Adorn or two as well, so factor that into your math.

    3) Potency and Crit Bonus are both good, so get as much as you can. I'd put significantly higher priority on Potency because of the fact that Crit Bonus caps at 3000.

    4) Ability Reuse has almost no benefit from overcapping, although there are a few fights with some reuse debuffs if you fail to joust/etc. I aim to be at 100 while buffed in raid.

    5) Ability mod comes in big chunks, especially if you reforge meaningless stats into it. Just choose whatever gives you the best return. A raid-geared warlock should aim for 200k+.

    6) Use Stat Mounts/Food&Drink/Potions&Scrolls/Temp Adorns whenever you go into a group/raid zone.

    7) Auto-attacking is pretty much worthless save for generating procs. Aim for 600/200/200 and neglect it beyond that.

    7) Make sure whatever you do, that your set up is able to keep you alive sufficiently.

    3) Casting Order:

    "Prioritize certain spells... ...you're going to want to focus on Acid, throwing your big hitters in between."
    - Syndarin, Master Warlock

    Here are some key points:

    1) Get in a rhythm with your Illusionist and Troubadour with buffs, especially Time Warp.
    2) Figure out if Time Warp will come early and plan your Focused Casting to be used in sycn with it. Since TW is the whole group, it will be tempting for the Illy to use it right away. If you're left side spec'd, the Illy should make sure you've stacked 3 increments as to not waste it. If you're right side spec'd, the Illy should wait until you've got about 138 increments so that you can have a full charge by the time it lands. However, if TW is down at the start of a pull, use your Focused Casting right away. Also get used to timing your Illyís TW Macro and when the first spell of your TW rotation hits to happen as close to the time TW is active as possible. You want to maximize how much you get out of your spell double attack time.
    3) Always spec for self Upbeat Tempo so the Troub can throw it on your group's Fury/Defiler.
    4) Never cast Dissolve. Or Word of Force, Sunbolt, or Static Discharge. Distortion is now a very low priority spell because Dark Pyre can put out roughly the same efficiency but casts faster, allowing for faster increment charging.
    5) Prioritize Freehand Sorcery on your biggest hitters. Biggest priority is the endline nukes if you've got 180 increments and are spec'd on the right side prestige page. I have both versions of the 180 nuke Macroíd to always use Freehand if it is available.
    6) Dots are also doubled by Spell Double Attack. Cherish it. The Warlocks that have gone before you fought like nuts to get this to be the case.
    7) If all else fails, try Null Caress.
    8) With your Myth on, Dark Siphoning, Absolution, and Apocalypse are 30% better than before. You're welcome.
    9) Generate increments. Cataclysm is your friend, even if not the top priority, if it can hit multiple targets and bring up your big nukes faster. Also when charging, Dark Siphoning w/ your myth turned OFF is godly.
    10) Cast Dark Infestation, Netherlord, and Acid Rain. The attacks from the swarm pets actually do pretty decent now. All 3 function better on sustained AOE fights. All 3 spell double when Time Warp is up (even if the ability first comes up after the pets are already out there)

    Nune's Efficiency Guide

    Other things to keep in mind:

    1) Acid can't be resisted, ever.
    2) Thunderclap and Bewilderment can be cast while moving.
    3) Spell Weapon Auto-Attack does proc Grasp of Bert, but the Illy and Troub should get the buff before you.
    4) Dark Aggravation should be cast whenever it is up, but currently it does not spell double attack.
    5) Keep track of time intervals on dot-wiping mobs. If they are about to wipe their dots, prioritize your non-dot spells if possible. Donít waste a Focused Casting right before a dot wipe.
    6) If you're spec'd down the left side, get 3 increments right away, and keep them up. Use a beneficial tracker to see how long they have left to avoid needlessly casting Occult Bolt.
    7) If you're spec'd down the right side, Rift is worth casting even single target if its casting instantly or almost instantly. Take advantage of it!

    Here is an example of a ROUGH casting thought process

    Pre Cast:
    Pre Cast Item(s)
    Gift of Bertoxx
    Eternal Damnation/Netherealm
    Curse of Darkness

    On incoming:
    Curse of Void
    Vacuum Field

    Top Priority:
    Acid (cast this as soon as it is available)
    Thunderclap (very high priority when you can be close)
    Dark Siphoning (only Top Priority is right side - ALWAYS with Myth turned OFF)

    Big Importance Single Target Hitters:
    Toxic Assault/Caustic Detonation (when you'll get the max hit)
    Plaguebringer (our top priority big hitter)
    Dark Aggravation (whenever up)
    (with Myth turned on)
    Ethernere Chains (great finisher during Time Warp)
    Aura of Void (+Occult Bolt, if left side prestige)
    Dark Siphoning
    (with Myth turned on if left side prestige)
    Bewilderment (not for the damage)

    Flamesof Velious (if left side prestige becomes great as mob's health decreases, only used as a filler spell if right side prestige)
    Encase(filler spell, rarely used, and only if right side prestige)
    Distortion(more than just a filler if left side prestige)
    Dark Pyre(fast casting filler spell, but you will find yourself using it still)

    Blast of Devastation (Better than Distortion when right-side spec'd, and even higher priority when you can be close and hit multiple targets)
    Rift (AOE fights and when cast time is fast due to right side prestige)
    Absolution (Linked encounters. Otherwise a very low priority filler on single target)
    Concussive Blast (AOE fights, right side increment charging, triggers procs, also a nice positional deaggro to close a Time Warp or Focused Casting burn)
    (Spam this whenever you can hit 2 or more targets)
    Nullify (Rarely used. However, can be good on large linked encounters to trigger procs when better greens are down)
    Dark Nebula (Rarely used. However, can be okay on large linked encounters to trigger procs when better greens are down)

    Thought Process:

    Keep Acid and Thunderclap going at all times, and cycle in your big hitters around prioritizing it. Build increments if right side, maintain 3 increments if left side.

    Focused Casting/Timewarp Advice

    If you're going down the left side, these temps will last longer which may cause you to adjust your priorities. If you're going down the right side, you'll want to hit your free casting spells and big nuke if possible.

    4) Useful ETC

    Useful Mounts Include:

    Get the Ferrin Mount, or otherwise you can settle for a few of the lessor mounts:

    EM Raid (Zavith'loa)
    HM Raid (Ossuary)

    Useful Food and Drink:

    \aITEM -2024708682 -2115197885:Stormborn Souffle\/a
    \aITEM -566970602 1033538923:Monsoon\/a

    Useful Potions and Scrolls:

    \aITEM -735250789 1655886322:Gnostic's Elixir of Tactics\/a

    \aITEM 1489842149 679491227:Quel'ule Arcane Destruction\/a
    \aITEM 684938096 -217585375:Quel'ule Cocktail\/a

    Useful Pre-Cast/Situational Items

    Pre Cast
    \aITEM 1404480392 1404470735:Words of the Dread Exarch\/a ***
    \aITEM -1297514009 -1607929519:Runed Guard of the Sel'Nok\/a ***
    \aITEM -1310260490 -1196404962:Silversilk Robe\/a
    \aITEM 1156336046 -1622895335 0 0 0:Fabled Silversilk Robe\/a
    \aITEM 429146157 -116541914:Eszadra, Twisted Wand of Zek\/a

    Heals (In Combat)
    \aITEM -832957907 79789387:Bottled Breath\/a
    \aITEM 224284379 1897019379:Bottled Intellect\/a
    \aITEM 965301096 -930467165:Honor of Pantrilla\/a

    \aITEM -1602232641 1410454266:Trakanon's Gaze\/a
    \aITEM 1245327863 1830637966:Icy Dragon Essence\/a ***
    \aITEM 785984728 1962981189:Totem of the Draconic Oracle\/a ***
    \aITEM 1742204660 -2090443436:Najena's Ring of Readiness\/a **
    **Actually this sucks now but Iíll be bitter forever.
    ***The trigger-chance books share a reuse timer, as do the crafted essence and totem***

    5) Adorns

    Adorns for maximizing DPS:

    Head: (+Int OR Primordial)
    (Superior Rune: DPS)

    Shoulders: (+Int) (Rune: Doublecast)

    (+DPS) (Superior Rune: DPS)

    Forearms: (+Casting Speed) (Rune: AE Auto Attack)

    Gloves: (+Magical Skill OR Primordial)
    (Superior Rune: DPS)

    Legs: (
    +Casting Speed OR Primordial) (Rune: AE Auto Attack)

    (+Reuse)(Superior Rune: DPS)

    (+DPS) Bonecaster's Focus Crystal

    Earring: (

    Ring: (
    +Resists) Bonecaster's Focus Crystal

    Wrist: (+Resists)

    Waist: (

    Primary: (+Potency)

    Secondary: (

    Ranged: (+Potency)

    Cloak: (+Casting Speed)

    Charm: (+Casting Speed)

    Purple "War Runes/Adorns"

    Currently, these are the viable Purple Adorns for Warlocks.

    \aITEM 685078887 -1750554418:Winds of Obol\/a
    \aITEM 1229574853 1331612953:Truespirit's Legacy\/a
    \aITEM 1454875537 -1180389998:Bolstered Attributes\/a
    \aITEM -860191440 731983400:Screams of Battle\/a
    \aITEM -170190645 -1236037846:Exceptional Jewel: Marring\/a
    _________ I always use the above 5, but some people may occasionally want one of the lower 3_______________________
    \aITEM 362671589 -277116512:Wild Swings\/a
    \aITEM -109799479 -191844749:Harrowed Madness\/a

    \aITEM -1937672229 527340412:Sublime Viciousness\/a (can swap in over Bolstered Attributes if your Mystic is 100% reliable)

    6) Spell Weapon Info:

    Spell Weapons used to be mostly useless, but I'm adding a little bit of info about them to give a generally good strategy for them as they can churn out a good chunk of dps now.

    1) Get Attack Speed to roughly 110-120. This number plus what you'll get in raid will give you a 3.6 delay. It doesn't get better than this. From that point on up to 200, Attack Speed is worthless. 200+ converts to Flurry.
    2) Get MA to 100-120 MA soft caps at 120ish, and anything beyond that is quite a diminished return.
    3) If 1&2 are accomplished, DPS is the way to go. It stacks really nicely and can add up quickly.

    In my current gear with reforging and leveled green adornments, I can reasonably be at about 120AS, 300-400DPS and about 120MA. Of course, the more gear you get, the higher your DPS can get.

    Overall, going way over 600 dps mod self-buffed won't accomplish too too much, because a lot of ability mod is lost in the process, which greatly limits our ability to achieve high spike dps.

    7) Other Useful Info:

    The Warlock WW Chat Channel is: Maj_Dul.warlockchannel
    For a deity, really you can pick between Ro, Bertox, and Anashti Sul. Currently, I roll w/ Ro because Incinerate is fun to use during a full temp period while you're being mimicked by 4 enchanters.

    Anashti = Hand of Death
    (10min damage proc)

    Bertox = Touch of Decay (10min boost to disease spells)
    Ro = Ro's Fury
    (10min damage proc)

    Anashti = Undying Fury
    (25sec of 20 Flurry and 33 Double Cast)
    Bertox = Bertoxxulous' Curse (1min of 100 potency)
    Ro = Incinerate
    (huge nuke when mob under 50% health)

    ~Extra thanks to Nune, Zelox,
    Chronus, and Daray

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Default Re: Mogrim's School For Warlocks

    Prioritize PB and close range Thunderclap over everything else. A few of your white adorns should be +int instead of what you have. Acid for M2 choice. No linked encounters. Deal with it. A lot of assuming about GU 60, but that makes sense.

    I think enhance UT is a focus now, not an adornment

    Other than that, cool post bro

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    Default Re: Mogrim's School For Warlocks

    Oh and "Gear doesn’t seem to have much reuse"

    Check again. Everything has reuse, in large chunks.

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    Default Re: Mogrim's School For Warlocks

    Absolution is terrible. You can come up with better things to cast in your rotation 9/10 times.

    Also, I'd recommend listing alternate adorn choices for the cast speed. Its really easy to cap that now.

    I personally priortize amod white adorns whenever possible now, as its one of the things that will show increasingly higher returns as it drops off of gear.

    8 points in mental recovery is overkill. You'll be over the recovery cap by quite a bit. Free's up a few points to use in damage reduction(only other reasonable choice).

    Other than that... looks pretty good. I'm sure there will be more put into it once we actually get to play with 60.

    UT is a foci, but if for some reason they don't have that piece yet, tell them to get off their asses and get the SF adorn. It works just fine on velious gear.

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    Default Re: Mogrim's School For Warlocks

    Quote Originally Posted by EQ2Cyan View Post
    Absolution is terrible. You can come up with better things to cast in your rotation 9/10 times.
    this ^

    and also important to note, bertox rocks because of the pet's pure stagnate +27 intel or +54(?) if you have all 5 AA points in it. which hey, free intel
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sturges View Post
    btw, alt+f4 is the winning button combo to parse like a champ. that was leaked from the ruskies.

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    Default Re: Mogrim's School For Warlocks

    Amended: I actually intended to modify my statement about reuse after reviewing the gear and forgot to - thanks!
    Cyan: Forgot that - I already have my spec updated in game, I was just linking my old Specs and forgot to grab new links.
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    Default Re: Mogrim's School For Warlocks

    Thanks Mogs nice of you to do this

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    Default Re: Mogrim's School For Warlocks

    Aye, its a nice solid thread. Im sure it helps any new warlock and helps them get caught up on the ins and outs. Great job Mogrim.

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    Default Re: Mogrim's School For Warlocks

    Quote Originally Posted by Mogrim View Post
    7) If all else fails, try Null Caress.
    And too often is it forgotten!

    Great post Mogrim
    Please give way to the waaaambulance.

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    Default Re: Mogrim's School For Warlocks

    Null caress is good, just don't use it on heroic raid adds.....

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