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Warlock - Related Fixes/Improvements

1) Dark Siphoning

The What: Close the increment loophole while simultaneously changing our increment scale to 150 like Wizards. Currently, this loophole is **the** reason our increment scale is 180 instead of 150.

The Why: Love us or hate us, right now we have to work significantly harder to charge at the same rate as wizards. In order for us to be on a productive increment charging curve, we've got to toggle off our myth and counter-intuitively use a low damage encounter version of a spell on a single target mob, all while making sure we're within 7.5 meters of all our groupies, and then immediately toggle the myth back on so that its active for Apocalypse. Warlocks really do have a lot more "mid cast button mashing" than our counterparts in order to achieve the similar results.

The Broken: The Dark Siphoning loophole actually has several major flaws. If any of these are present, our increment build becomes massively slower.
  • Shorthanded? Every empty slot in your group is 1 less hit for increments
  • Group split up or requiring a lot of movement causing people to be more than 7.5 meters away? Same issue. Every out of range group member is 1 less hit for increments
  • Does a group member have 100% health and power and therefore the initial hit of the heal/mana regen doesn't register? Also same issue.
So really and truly, the loophole that exists is
  • Probably unintended
  • Probably being missed by the mediocre players, creating a bad play experience for them
  • Often buggy as heck, often times failing, and ending up being far less effective than if it didn't exist and our increment scale was 150.
The How to Fix: I think the most accurate fix (with smallest impact to class balance... next to no impact in my opinion, other than for players who never found this loophole all of a sudden getting a little stronger) would be to fix Dark Siphoning so the heal/regen component did not generate increments, while also moving the Warlock increment scale to be the identical 150 that Wizards possess. However, I do not know if this fix is easy to accomplish or not.

2) Dark Aggravation

The What: Dark Incubation allows the Warlock to apply Dark Overflow (direct damage, plus aoe damage). However, part of applying Dark Overflow removes Dark Incubation from the caster. Because the removal of Dark Incubation occurs before the spell checks to see if it can double cast, the Warlock gets an error message implying we attempted to apply Dark Overflow when we were not maintaining Dark Incubation.

The Why: This was fixed in the past. Then when a patch went through (to the best of my knowledge, this is how it was explained) the old spell code for Dark Aggravation went in and it stopped working again.

The How to Fix: I believe the easiest way to fix this would be to change one thing. When Dark Overflow applies, have it last .25 seconds, and have it remove Dark Incubation upon termination. By doing this, Dark Overflow's spell-double check should occur prior to removing Dark Incubation, allowing it to work as intended.

3) Gift of Bertoxxulous, Curse of Darkness, and Netherrealm/Eternal Damnation

The What: These temp spells either take too long to cast, or should just be maintained.

The Why: Having 3 cycled temps plays a little clunky considering the other button mash periods of focused casting/spellbind, charm activation. On top of that, Dark Siphoning and Netherrealm/Eternal Damnation are frustratingly long cast times.

  • Gift of Bertoxxulous can be maintained permanently by recasting it every 45 seconds, making the click of the ability somewhat redundant, interrupting spell flow. This is our primary pet peeve.
  • Except in very rare cases, Curse of Darkness is vastly inferior to Frigid Gift. ex: Frigid Gift has twice the duration, casts in .25 seconds instead of 1, can be recast 15 seconds faster, and does about 15% more damage while also slowing the target. (cast and reuse times calculated at cap)
  • Lastly, Netherrealm/Eternal Damnation has a very long cast time for a temp spell (1.5 seconds at cap)
The How to Fix:

  • For balance reasons, any improvement to Gift of Bertoxxulous should be coupled with improvements to Surge of Ro. I think both should be maintained.
  • It seems Frigid Gift was always intended to be better than Curse of Darkness in most circumstances. As a result, I doubt we'll see duration/recast/additional effect improvements. However, I would like to see the cast time of Curse of Darkness be reduced to .25 seconds when at cap. If so desired, this could be built into the Enhance: Curse of Darkness AA on the Warlock AA page.
  • Netherrealm/Eternal Damnation should be .75 seconds to cast when at cap. The long cast time is prohibitive because the only solid use for this spell is when aoe swarms hit. Because aoe swarms die fast, a 1.5 second cast time ends up making the spell massively less efficient unless the Warlock relies on 3rd party timers to warn them of soon to come timed add spawns. And if the add spawn isn't perfectly tied to a timer, then we're just relying on luck.
4) Aura of Void

The What: Aura of Void doesn't generate increments. This is most likely due to the fact that it applies like a debuff that then triggers damage.

The Why: The spell is intended to be an efficient spell with delayed/triggered damage, but ends up losing a lot of efficiency due to not generating increments.

The How to Fix: Replace one of the triggers with an equally powerful initial damage hit.

5) Sorcerer AA Page Changes (Warlocks and Wizards both)

The What: Catalyst's "guaranteed Crit" has no impact on current content. The potency and crit bonus granted by Freehand Sorcery do not scale well with statflation. There are scaling issues with all AA across the spectrum for all classes, but I will focus on these 2 as I believe they impact Sorcerers the most as they continue to remain irrelevant/lose value.

The Why: With the Critical revamp comping, Catalyst is primed for changes. In addition, with statflation, a previously important AA that only affects 1 spell per 30 seconds (Freehand Sorcery, and its enhancement, Mental Acuity) hasn't scaled well and is approaching "nearly useless" status.

The How to Fix: As I stated before, a change that would cause this ability to remain relevant as content grows in the future would be ideal. +X% to base crit chance (like Spellbind, but for crit chance) would probably be the most logical choice. For Freehand Sorcery and its enhancement, something similar would also make sense.

6) Mage Roots (All classes except for Wizard)

The What: I think somehow a Mage ability never upgraded by mistake. Illusionists, Coercers, Conjurers, Necros, and Warlocks did not get an upgrade to our root spell at level 93. However, Wizards did. It really really seems like this was an error.

The Why: As the level cap increases I think it will be important all 5 other mages get a root for solo/heroic content as well. This probably only affects solo/heroic content.

The How to Fix: Retroactively add a lvl 93 root spell, or add one to our level 96 granted spells list, or improve our level 83 master root to be equally powerful and hard to resist as the level 93 Wizard root.

7) Character Development Grandmaster Training (All classes)

The What: If all spells in a tier are Grandmastered, there is no point to Grandmaster Training.

The Why: This is really not a massive issue, but it is undesirable.

The How to Fix: Perhaps each tier would add an option for a main stat boost, only accessible if all spells at that tier are Grandmastered? Each tier would give lvl worth of main stat. i.e. the lvl 14 GM would give 14 main stat, lvl 24 would give 24 main stat, lvl 34 would give 36, lvl 44 would give 44, and so on. Players could choose between main stat or stamina. Just a thought. It wouldn't be game breaking, but would add an extra little "cool" factor for those who put in the effort to grandmaster all their spells.