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Thread: Tank Rotations

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    Default Tank Rotations

    Anyone got some basic pull rotations for Aoe and Single target? I'm assuming pally main soul with reaver and/or warlord/VK, but whatever really. I know shield throw seems to be money with single target, but what are you all using for Aoe threat right off the pull? I've really just been doing Plauge, Necrotic, Soul Sickness, then going into Cleave/Sweeping strikes. I try to save Judgement for when I need it. I'm not that high level yet, so I don't have Lights Decree or Scales, but what's your regular rotation?

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    Default Re: Tank Rotations

    Judgement (as the mobs gather around me of if they start to run past)
    Reaver ST 3 point attack to blow my attack points or if AoE is a problem the Paladin 10 hit 3 attack point AoE once you have enough points in Paladin.

    Cycle targets always blowing 3 points when they are up (Reaver ST or Palading AOE) or using your reactive hits in between GCD (since these no longer build attack points this beta), and every 10 seconds refreshing my reaver DoTs with Plague.

    I save shield throw since its a rescue (forces target for 3 secs) if I lose one. If your group DPS is good you should just be replacing your Judgement pally AoE with the reaver one between pulls and use that slowing field only when needed as an extra oh shit AoE.

    The only diff for me ST is not using the 10 target AoEs and just staying ST keeping my shield hit/buff up at all times.

    EDIT - Honestly I run with a very static group in beta's and our DPS is through the roof, and very very minimal downtime between pulls I also have to cycle in using the reaver slowing field as a pull AoE. Im usually running to the next group of mobs when the last mob is ~25% HP
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