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    Christ, somebody rez Renaven again
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    Default Re: Wizard Parse Thread!

    Quote Originally Posted by SacDaddy View Post
    Big ups player. I'm lighting this bongload to the memories. Even Udorka's. *** Renaven shadowed us all tho*** For real tho, those were the glory days.

    Here's the best joke, I actually came back at the expac launch, and barring a well needed vacation and some work delays, am raiding with a well known team. Thing is...were fucked these days. Wizards have always been a spike dps class. Which is all good when our KO punches were fucking lights out. But I can come real close to a 1 Billion damage FB, and not be on top. Why? cuz 3 other chanters just mimic'd the assassin and their hit is just about as much. GG. Whelp alright guess I'll try again in a minute or so..

    So yea, imo wizards need some serious lift. Or maybe hitting 35 finally slowed me down a bunch. One or the other.

    Either way dope as shit to see ya on these dead boards homie. Keep that Ice Comet dropping on those tricks.
    I just came back to this site after not visiting it for several years, and this is the first post I saw! That's awesome. I hope you're doing well SacDaddy! I loved our forum chats.
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    Took a long break from MMO's, but it looks like I'll be coming back for RIFT.

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    Default Re: Wizard Parse Thread!

    This man parsed
    Quote Originally Posted by Azamat View Post
    You already kno I'm guna pop you with that mez and make you watch me and your girl slow fuck in Maj dul.

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