This section and the Rate-a-Retard section is the Center Stage on this site. Therefore:

1. This section is for serious posts only. No love notes, humor involving guildmates, or anything similar.

2. Do not start a post about your own guild in this section, unless you are seriously flaming it. See Rule #1 above.

3. Off topic posts are tolerated less in this section than in the lower sections of this site, see for more information.

4. New threads in this section *must* name the guild being flamed in the title of the thread. No "general" posts are allowed in this section, please back arrow and read the forum description.

5. Post bumping is tolerated less in this section than in the lower sections of this site. The reason is because nobody should be forced to defend a post about themself or their guild in this section forever. So based on anti-necroposting Site Rules, the Admin will normally close any thread bumped in this section after it was dormant for two weeks, or sooner if the thread was bumped by a completely off topic post. Common sense will apply, however, and the guild named in the post title can't get it's thread closed by bumping it.

6. Threads started in this section in violation of the above rules will be moved to the Carebear Corner section.

The idea behind all of this is that the Rate-a-Retard and Your Guild Sucks sections are the most used sections on this site. These two sections are for serious drama only, based on previous user votes and feedback requesting that. Threads that don't meet this criteria will be moved. Nothing will be edited or censored in anyway, this is only about quality control and housekeeping. Threads with drama that is no longer current will be closed if and when they are bumped. If you have a new issue with a person or guild, please start a new thread for your drama rather than bumping an old thread with stale, unrelated drama.

Thank you