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Thread: Zone wide DPS

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    I don't recall the exact group but I'm sure there was at least one wizard, illu for regen (60% sure I didn't have synergism, will have to check that) and a fury or a mystic.

    And umm... not giving a troub to a conjurer who uses mage pet seems like an utter waste to me :/ Ember seed on melee will never measure up the benefit a conjurer gets from the troub. But that might be just me :P

    Those big groups, I actually put on raiment of the skywatcher (or something) if I don't have a deagro. Way too easy to die to them without any kind of deagro.

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    Well as much as I would love a troub every raid, it just doesn't happen but it's not a big deal. The group setups sometimes don't work out 100% perfect for everybody but you work with what you have. And BTW punch that illusionist in the mouth if he didn't give you Synergism He should gave it to himself and you next, no question. You'll use it more than the sorcerer who most likely had TC.

    Yeh it's pretty easy to die on them...I just put up stoneskin and it rarely works out while hitting the mage pet deaggro. With no troub I'm still pretty much guaranteed death if I don't hold it back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henladar Bloodheart View Post
    Using DPS you can cheat or just show up late and win. Using EXT DPS it gives people more incentive to be on time and try throughout the whole zone. As a brigand that raids with people that know what they are doing i about never win the ZW using EXT DPS. If we used DPS i could cheat and look like the damn man.
    For zonewide that is true.

    But for individual fights along the way, it isbest to have both DAMAGE and DPS. DAMAGE = EXT DPS, so you get how much damage they did in the fight. DPS let's you know if they nuke early, if they slacked for half the fight etc...when you contrast it to their total damage.

    If using ACT use the capitalized version to get rid of the fractions and see a larger parse...because I don't think anyone needs the fractions. Also I use NAME3 to abbreviate the name to three characters. Alot of people already know all of this, just putting it out for those who may not and it may be of value to.

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    Haven't posted here but figured I would throw these numbers out there. I'm usually in a group with Conj, Wiz, Fury, Necro, Troub (Me) and one more random (usualy a scout). Usually get Ember Seed and Pheonixblade.

    70 Troub, here are my person bests per zone, I have the full parses if anyone wants to see, but didn't want this post to be huge:

    HoS = Kouros 2755138 | 910.49
    MMIS = Kouros 2508711 | 759.53
    FTH = Kouros 1750446 | 710.99 - Personal best where we cleared the zone. Had a couple 900+s on everything up to Treyloth.
    CMF = Kouros 352537 | 676.65
    Lyceum = Kouros 1778758 | 877.10
    Labs = Kouros 2560523 | 966.60
    DT = Kouros 2777475 | 804.83
    EH = Kouros 1948431 | 494.90 - Only parse I have from here and I was like 40 minutes late.

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