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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord_Pants View Post
    Precisely, was in there last night with no other guilds and had game pausing lag on a solo encounter. Though I'm sure the fact that it lags when only one guild is in there is only amplified when several guilds are.
    Yes, is is amplified. tbh I must admit that when we are the only guild in there (to our knowledge) there doesn't seem to be an issue for us.

    But we know frmo zone lag whenever a guild zones in up to about three - then the intermittency with connections becomes almost constant so you can't tell the zoninig in lag spikes from normal play.


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    Default Re: WHO LOVES LYCEUM

    i dont mind the zone just the last fuckin guy ..

    i have seen his stances bug out SOOOOo many times, he will enter and exit a stance like 10 times in like 20 secnods..seen 3 stances stack on each other seen him be in the a stance at the wrong %.

    total pain in the ass to deal with.

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